Graeme Obree was right

Anyone familiar with the concept of a Graeme Obree will understand just how redundant it is to assert that Graeme Obree was right about something. Especially when you then go on to talk about food and cycling, but that's what I'm going to do (briefly). If you're not familiar with Graeme Obree, at least watch The Flying Scotsman for a dramatisation of the remarkable life of this inspirational man. If you are, there's not long left.

In a recent Panorama on the truth about sports supplements Graeme Obree reminded us of his pre-training meal of jam (or marmalade, but I hate marmalade) sandwiches and to keep hydrated with water. Not one to be seduced by promises of artificially improved performance, I finally had the presence of mind to take Graeme's advice before today's ride (I normally forget to eat when I'm working, and eating five minutes before a ride is not smart) and it proved to be really effective. I decreased my moving time by just over 1.5 minutes and increased my average moving speed by 0.7mph which I am absolutely elated about. This is all-the-better considering I woke up with a terrible headache this morning and have been feeling nauseated all day.

If you want to go faster, pedal harder.

We didn't have any not-frozen bread in the house, so it had to be toast, but toast is nicer anyway