Game Boy Camera

That Game Boy Color image was bothering me. We can do better. Wulff Den's video gets you a lot of the way there, but he uses Photoshop. Even if I had Photoshop, I wouldn't use it for this, in principle. I'm not using a piece of software like that to edit a 120px square-ish image. I just can't. So I made a thing that does it for me. Fortunately, these images have 4 colours, tops. All we need to do is resize the image then swap out the colours on the larger image. We could maybe save some overhead by swapping the colours out before the resize, but I'm guessing ImageMagick can handle this level of scale. No pun intended.

Here's where we start. Border added so my lazy image resizing doesn't make this a reasonable size. I call this "dramatic effect". This is how the image comes off the Game Boy.
So we're going to resize with nearest neighbour to retain the pixelation. I don't want any funny business here.
Swap out those blacks with a deep green
Swap out those dark greys with a slightly lighter green
Swap out those light greys with a slightly lighter I mean you see where this is going by now.
The finished article.

I'm going to play around with the colours a bit. Variety is the spice of life and all that. But you get the idea.