Who?(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Taken this morning before bringing her to the vet. Haven't taken any photos of her lately as she stopped grooming, and has been hiding.

We had to have Amelie put to sleep today. One of the most brutally difficult things we've ever had to decide to do, made even worse by the fact that she seemed fine a month or so ago. She had started behaving very weirdly, walking in a strange way, losing interest in food, so we took her to the vet and from there she declined pretty rapidly. The vet diagnosed her with lymphoma on Monday and made a plan to try steroids to see if her quality of life could improve. She went from around 5kg a couple of months ago to just over 3 this morning, and we made the decision as she'd almost completely lost the use of her back legs and wasn't getting any better.

Tabitha is very upset but she's been very strong, and is handling things well. This is her first brush with mortality and she's been remarkably empathetic, and she understands that although this was a very difficult decision to make, that it was the right one for Amelie.

The house feels really weird now. Keep expecting to see her scooting around or scratching at a closed door that she has no intention of going through. We're all really going to miss her.