Jump in Puddles

Make a big splash

Wink, kick leaves, and make paper aeroplanes

I feel compelled to give Tabitha all my attention when we hang out, which is great (for me. Jury's still out on her) because it forces me to forget about whatever else is messing with my head at that time. This weekend, we've just been watching films and throwing balls for the dog, and hitting up various local parks. It's been a tonne of fun. Tiring, but fun. Kid gets up at like 6:30am.


The incredibly talented Joyce Su posted about this app a little while ago, and it's just my sort of thing. I love black and white, and I love ludicrous contrast and black blacks. Been looking for an opportunity to try it for a little while but dull light and dark blacks just make black images, which are a bit of a drag.


I love fog. I know everyone loves fog. This morning, for the first time in his life, Sudo started to freeze whilst we were out walking. I thought it was just condensation but I went to brush it off him and, nope: ice.

The Sea

I've never seen the sea this calm here. Perfect stone-skipping material. I haven't skipped stones in maybe two decades. Good day.

For some reason, this photo got thirty likes on Instagram. My photos rarely get that many likes (and yet I still post frequently!), and I'm not really sure why this one was able to climb to such lofty heights but it did.