I haven't skated in maybe 15 years, and even then I could barely stand up on a skateboard. I got the idea in my head recently that I wanted to learn to do it. No tricks or anything; just to ride a skateboard. Tabitha also seems pretty interested in learning so if I can stand up on one then it might encourage her to stick it out a bit.

Charlie from work was kind enough to lend me this awesome pizza skateboard which has pizza trucks and pizza wheels and is basically me in skateboard form. I had a lot of fun riding this morning, and didn't hurt myself. Got pretty comfortable carving and kicking turns and riding over this sweet marijuana leaf at our local skatepark.

Some toys never get old

I've wanted one of these foreverspin tops since I first laid eyes on them. Something about a symmetrical, balanced chunk of metal just does it for me. But the shipping was pretty high and the tops themselves aren't that cheap. For what you get, they're pretty reasonable, but a high number is still a high number.

One thing I didn't anticipate was how much Tabitha would like these things. If I'd known that, justifying the purchase would've been a whole lot easier!

Sealife Centre

As a treat, I took Tabitha to the Sealife Centre. Taking photos at aquariums is usually pointless because of the reflections, but I got a couple of lucky ones.

I think rays are my favourite.

Easter weekend

When I'm not at work, I try to spend as much of that time as possible with Tabitha. I love the long weekend; we've had such a blast.


Yes I know this isn't a real frisbee. Not sure what it is about Frisbee People that makes them so protective over this floating disc but there you go

We played ultimate frisbee before and it's very tiring. I suppose I should have expected a certain level of intensity from something described as "ultimate". Standing round in a circle and throwing a "frisbee" is a little more my speed. Still, that doesn't mean I'm immune from getting the thing stuck in a tree.

Fortunately, Sam's a good climber.