I'm not especially proud of my ability to take photos of food, but I do like looking at pictures of it. Also eating it.

2 G5 A0237
A97 I9879
A97 I0514
2 G5 A1420
A97 I8715
A97 I7377
A97 I6954
A97 I0446

This photo has had tens of thousands of views on Google Maps. I don't really get it.

2 G5 A7242
A97 I0371
2 G5 A7241
2 G5 A1048
2 G5 A6463
2 G5 A6841
2 G5 A6242
2 G5 A6192
2 G5 A5008
2 G5 A3967
2 G5 A3476
2 G5 A1345
2 G5 A1342
2 G5 A1338
2 G5 A0980
2 G5 A0322
2 G5 A4683