Word analysis

Language is a really good thing. You can use it to express yourself in all sorts of different ways. Recently, I surpassed 60,000 tweets on Twitter. That is a lot of drivel.

I looked at my top 10 most-used words (filtered against common words, because number one by miles is "i", which is boring and predictable), and they weren't terribly surprising. All love and positivity and optimism. I am known for my positivity and optimism.

going (1796) love (1690) much (1364) thing (1300) something (1293) need (1271) great (1194) right (1163) fucking (1130) still (1095)

What makes for more interesting reading (if we're being generous), is the list of words I have only used once.


refrigerator kirk alphabet mackerel emergence mold jacob geordie ritual assailant hermit shirk prolapse inspect cuisine nihilism frail canada repercussion habitat correspondent mousing raven jubilee stride gore pitchfork sike mineral interviewer nutshell furnish hatchet servant mathematics tripping creationism fetus yacht ribbing heckling shatter meditation procession crossover nese anatomy mammal tosser ennui identification rally jesu adagio thanksgiving shrimp midland cyanide carbohydrate peasant handsomeness semaphore ethics covert recourse overtime grapefruit luge elastic pleasurable backstage priest sorter fore diggers pander finer rabbi brawler janitor accord robe assignment shole institution anthrax marijuana transcription imperial snapper cottage brute eavesdrop minter usefulness stairway carving donator maverick saturation luncheon mocha vaulting qualification bowman debtor statute yellowing gemma temperament petulance commenter melodrama tutelage inland newborn caller whirlwind lakeside discharge angler screech mangan ransack glyph therapeutic dwelling shyness providence spurt nought respiratory carl peekaboo hardass appraisal craftsmanship muster benjamin warren redeemer kickoff chopsticks algorithm taxpayer peroxide ineptitude forensic weighing relapse suppository dimension citation ambivalence schoolgirl polly hypnotic monument firework breakthrough stoat dryer complication mete blossom integrating willingness freighter lattice distaste patty maroon escalator practitioner bedside fluctuation buffet stumble obstacle lending doorway referrer paddle toad emasculation skyrocket figment braid jackal abuser ripper dressage hepatitis commonwealth menace twinge swedish discrimination scrub enumerator corporal goldie rumble eager mime puberty squint woodland fundamentalist carpentry leakage tandem harvest solitude cathedral aroma heath shard birch tumble anagram scorpio torque cookbook slough vinaigrette jerky activating dullard hires sportsmanship northman clutch treacle establishment multitude recitative detention grandchild agreer egocentric conservatory vamp purr bouche deactivation triviality pretext creche wean palaver scarecrow contraceptive quilt jaguar deduction gestation chagrin bleep spill culprit replication swine haddock anonymity trait posture immutable smudge corset beaner derision autograph urchin intestine retentive lecture dolly tapestry penultimate matte debacle yankee meerkat turk prodigy spear nettle remembrance guff enrichment pore baseline morsel flair jill adaptation gloss roundhouse livelihood theatrical duration attest hogan shrinkage fanatic bobsled springer cobra masculinity appendicitis tremble etymology coyote beloved flyer recruit keyhole suburban overview lull elect hounding tatou perfume mayflower exclaim crevice busker knitting supervision groin magnification tonic enact hutch slicer finisher defender accountancy dross facilitation propagation cannae disposition transfusion erection wage florence realist bucking outlier loom echidna honky mira uterus cashier hugging modal rigidity tweed proficient spectacle calmer parry cleopatra manhole illumination cordial vital flatmate audacity sickle unison farming proximity daiquiri preoccupation cranberry mutt beret wart kidney catastrophe leno teak hearse shale meantime prise souvenir knuckle papyrus grouping topknot enema slit moor raff degradation chap linotype ducky textile piling faint proprietary curtain hamper clover trapper muesli waker receptacle kangaroo destructive aggregation chipping thug hopping misinterpretation puree botch standoff watering summation dickens grenade aloe poacher hunch vendor academy zeitgeist communist menial twister prohibition campanologist repairer lanyard climax annotating sculpture manoeuvre tragedy enviable rationale deport adultery rump loco upkeep publication interruption woof funnel resurgence carriageway sequoia materialist indecision crayon namesake bezel bouncer deafening gateau rhombus letch persuade expectation crone formality surrogate barring raisin brewing jerusalem dell dumpling microcosm fallacy blusher cutlery nosing coaching treason inane recoil bulldog overlord samphire lowry ticker backlash vanessa trombone sorcery altitude hurries banjo verbosity jailer ghetto chainsaw assessment terrier eyeliner spinnaker cunnilingus nipple lashing clitoris voyage autonomy booster intolerant staging obesity leeway consult sketchbook bowing isle heft shedding commando megalomania exploitation biter croydon neurosis fortnight whine ladybird suspicion guideline mandarin tourist demonstration orgy rout theism dustbin pipette migrant unfriendly fang bogart docking seniority mason incidental khan alerting sart taunting periphery sextet colloquy induction weel panning ambergris schnapps baptism monsieur deficiency accumulator stint chancery assurance testimonial piercer shopper messiah faction prophecy curling nomad freer patisserie closet anubis marketplace beck wainwright budding chimp economics hoody darky revengeance cassius allegory lust elizabeth fifties bracketing olympian tendency philanderer shelving commodore memento extender inquisitive crutch participant cliche flavouring ostrich lobby miller fascism pseudonym bombshell squeal nuance tallness dole pelt harness trickster inconceivable crapper wasp reefer packer stank gargoyle revival leon doss armor hearthstone infestation necromancer forger buzzard dint amoeba scone pomade hythe barm fisherman raid acquisition athletics comprehensiveness intensity normality windpipe fresher caper synopsis distributor payer handbag espionage mule beginner stylist saliva chive efficacy platoon horn sinking misogyny femme purity davenport kinship dictatorship painter toff jackpot decorative zeta certification drilling aspire sphere campus repellent lapping mantra trail ephemeral postfix correspondence rung earnestness pitcher nutcracker furnace retaliation hatch everlasting indenting bureaucrat sixty aardvark starvation perturbator birthplace ingrate cacophony wheeler disability parasol anathema scouse enlightenment coop slumber morphon fixture rallies jest orderly shrill conceding underrate notation frivolity dividend coarseness precondition bullhorn kestrel subsidy samurai natch weave regression grit tomfoolery emporium brawl accomplishment roast lilt terrorism shola meringue eyre blinding spinny whortleberry cane switchboard pasty haiti equestrian imperfection wade strop placental feathering pumping staircase retrieve carver lefty tartar settlement maul arguer tine electron plough housewife skiff quail debt aborigines cello dramatisation pettiness commentator bizet injustice neutrality swagger discard guildhall mane mosquito loach attractor farce sprout caricature pedro sensibility cockle triad prejudice soke reddish healthiness shading colony meadow executing billboard trumpet navigator butternut rejoicing dime grouch citadel ambition schoolboy mailman ender slime fireplace changer linguistics highway fading bloom wilk canteen latte symmetry hamlet secretary anxiety markup rebate stuffing hoops vagueness pupil boson dart obsolescence reversal kilt elves skunk brahms omission philharmonic exterior twine cuba whites clientele tradesman positivity batter vocation broker jordanian adopter cheetah localisation aurora millionth damnation carpentering pendant coercion matchmaking evanescence trillion solitaire mythology starch wriggle garner catfish lesbianism technicality existentialism inflation spandex crock cabbage krone ponty oracle glare listener duke pina bulb granary salon backbone fennec iran daze burial kisser palace altercation madam contraception molecule jager stew oolong assassination typesetting culmination framer epiphany postscript immunity smoothness striking derelict thong pits confrontation uptake favorite puffin booly intestinal carter penthouse pyjama bourgeois irritability abba arsehole pessimism medley bistro turf lacuna susceptibility cleaners scramble ideology morse flail briefcase demise ordnance chased durability pinnock concentrator interlude springboard frontal carcass appendage socket mushroom bumble subtlety tile hound constipation heading seventeen bidder indigo knits superstition digit grocer bannister stimulus instructor nocturne freeholder cannabis disposal halibut clogging marionette transformer poultry strumpet affiliation graf saddlebags eccentric hong simpleton connector usher federal punctuality booty invader oblivion galloway legality performer elephantiasis plugging huff skinful italic abrupt cemetery artillery professor forwarder lamenting parrot guinea cleft screening mango illuminati smirk strait goad militia farmer prowl bollock interrogation carnifex hardship mast incomparable warsaw redness kidnapping pacifist gray alibi doppelganger aristocracy perry hearsay meanness southwest foreskin knowledgeable papers mainstay deflection oppression giver ducking blower propose symptom pragmatism ovation awfulness valentine boston wreckage waterfowl summary pagination embarrass vendetta figurine questionnaire jackdaw decker zeal aspartame mends blancmange insertion spender nigerian fowl campaigning climate scuff imitation volition flex golfer locker mince squirt woodwork resume harvesting coil materialism aqua trimmer bevy fondue burberry starlight wringing sharer comedienne tuna probe cromwell neigh formaldehyde surrender directorship scot malaysia morn vindictive historic compute microbe underdose blush cutler tabloid selflessness treadmill inaccuracy snowflake mumps wand submission overload salvia chooser hospitality sitter missionary vandalism sorceress differentiation altimeter scarification toll mona verbal finch bravado eyelid blending tyranny nippers dismiss haggis clipping epoch potent cosmetic floater jugulum dermatologist outbreak congress stagger darkness obedience worldliness tarantula pepperidge haunter arcturus varsity pyro arsonist telegraph petard initiate fortitude reminiscent cleanser scraping manatee entail porpoise copper visibility flame rand rouse chatter durian holdall shrow unfriend protector sprinkling frown docker trench sodomy bumpkin dewclaw timeliness pliers hourglass colloquialism exclusion crib reinforcement knob dildo encore hydra baobab japery stinking testicle pier complement spittle wielder lates patio hallucination antique eritrea poverty beaver wagon reaper buddhism junker saffron chimney thrill eclampsia avocado mirage punisher observant wound legislation hull skirt deceit ringer cent licker drawl artiste expressiveness blackout inquest parsnip cleverness manifest traction motivate broadcaster thickening hologram squat daisy tricking incomprehensible myriad berlin reed kiley greaser allegiance wrestle dose persian sham exhaustion tuba necklace forge surfer dinosaur clan polysyllabism hysterics sliver dehydration gladiator lionel athlete pillar hinge methodist uncanny fairground blowout propulsion spool capella seeming impromptu recessive karate detailing overdrive aggro chivalry thump hormone misogynist watermelon dictation chronicle alopecia macho hundredth contingent vengeance ligature aspiration extraordinary blasphemy projection spew cuddy nightingale foyer lapel haberdashery mantis deprecation rune logger upright fathom puck furlong retainer tango everest solver napkin bureaucracy sixth vanish putt irrationality lethality downer sharper neptune formation cackling wheelbarrow dirtying parasite scour torture barth rake delusion stove glide rouge pinion shredding midday underlay cutthroat caracas tackling coalition precision incalculable socialism waning bulletin overrating consolidation troop sorrow weasel knickers gristle altruism scavenging magenta polarity sleepwalker accompaniment stiletto driveway eyesore blinder nitrogen whoremonger fray disparity cloche marge transcriber potion vulnerability brunt aeroplane gradation avail intrinsic stair retract carve dominator tart hazard colleague maudlin argentinian plotter consultation baffle mobilise vaseline quadrant debris stature yell cellar arthropod melancholy explosion bitterness turnover mandolin tout smegma bristle mikado unification internship sprocket czechs pedigree harassment cockhead masquerade soil mustang bunk kicker chopping algae mdma trump foreman weevil knoll supporter dilution grot cisco toon barbara fireman radiant jasp stirrer liner drumming assuredness testosterone bloodlust dissertation patter anvil practicality implore throttle ecstasy hooker conservation miscreant invert gamin reverence doormat diaper titanium veil quenelle decider omega genie dreamer ashes philanthropy commonality memorial inscription nicker rennet discredit scrivener trader cornucopia baton flax dependant thimble dyslexia sienna psychologist bonding squeezing fundament restoration tamer harper codpiece matchbox evaluation solipsism mystic folly wretch teaser binny tucker forgiveness reliability growth amputation torment ibis convoy barometer jeopardy delegation optometrist glans duff mettle spore cappella disturb handbrake clumsiness praxis behalf kayak subclass gramophone choc efflux babysitting mispronunciation bottling burglar weakness dido chum slating ventriloquism branching jade zirconia onyx drinker assassin terminator hernia meow extremist inspection lard clinic seashell epidemic smoother derby thistle earshot mingle bookshop stadium daphne worker carte pentameter triumph sizing irregularity abate gaudy cavern lettuce dozen proclivity caddy lacrosse anchor mammoth morrow violin flagging demi ordination duplication attendant shrine familiarity cyanogen residence pease coasting incentive cowboy mush belligerent flute recover deviance overturn sandal backstroke aria forearm cipher amalgamation sleuth breach stimulation giggle pickup competitiveness fabrication blister curator wick caning latch displeasure halfpenny anthropology marine equivalency impersonal snapping gradual eavesdropping avenger intuition collective tinkering bagging skinflint veal debut ogre draper articulate sheik specification newsboy renaissance swamp clef manger cora ransom straining sibling condemnation union provider bolero interpreter dagger wolfram dodo cocksucker massiveness cram redhead kidderminster diagonal choral perrier executioner prior inertia southerner cripple mains hypnotist radiotherapy breakup deflation opposition channeling astrology piles meteor umlaut cursive noon capability laud sector escapade snigger kaleidoscope destroyer oval throwback valencia fellatio bossy investigator obstruction sawyer mace pluto humor skyscraper modicum braiding omniscience gens ripple lifeline tentative herald shin menagerie inserting spencer cubic nigella sweep discus partitioning gutter cliffhanger annals traditionalist enunciation corporation mound brooding joss pisser sighting mimic woodpecker harvester cohesion aptitude evaporation naivety fondness bunting wring gasket catholic technics heathen mechanism exotic tumbling probation croft negro kumquat parameter morgue rainfall orbit rosette dummy atrophy hiss undercut clutter tread snowball couscous wallow reckoning submarine overlaying airfoil salvage egypt conserve fertilizer sorbet credence burner regimen quish brat eyelet promoter replier dismay haggard anorexia traitor cortex beanstalk mouthwash juggling advocacy goth chewer loma thorn silhouette urethra puker booming intimate darkening tapeworm mnemonic stationary arsenic telegram shebang expletive initials ladle guidance cleanliness scrapbook mort ranch demolition organ shropshire protectiveness sprinkler frosting cobweb tremolo eulogy preface sodium recruiter keynes devon grate sapphire plethora headquarters collie mayhem individualist foreground reinforce digs circumference schema magnitude enclosure politeness rach gillian rocker champion instrumentation reptile dispossession seaweed antidote marker ergonomics impertinence simplification invasion revelation casings legendary saul lure contemporary quartet olive temps committal blackmail discomfort guise clench angular tract cords rapier strangulation administrator orion checkpoint dyke fascia fugue carob mutton berg follicle reduction kier dialect wrench occupying revise dork armband perseverance sovereign forfeit welsh para grove clamp topper polymer convex slitting raft breather optician roman chaps unbridled blowjob frere capel synergy paving escrow county muffin kansas overdose misnomer reflux chromosome aloof machinist modus venetian jackhammer decline acceleration oneself genus ligament asphalt insider foxglove lapdog gyroscope annotation immigrant bayou rationality broth runaway piston authenticity homophobia minding interval dandelion penniless eventuality trinity preservation solvent craziness oddball lethal tedium persuader heavyweight comet expenditure tungsten sparing nephew cackle relish labourer scotsman malice dumps concatenation microphone fallback blushing intercourse spouse capuchin lawyer coal precedent 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