I love these giant daisies. Loads of them growing on my short dog walk route. They're probably no good for my hay fever.
Charlotte made ice cream from the strawberries in the garden. It was good. Had to use my fancy-pants bowl.
Flora invited me to change her catchphrase.
There was a slow worm in the garden. Slow worms are not snakes but they look like snakes.
DZ60 + GMK Dots is a nice combination if you can type without looking.
This keyboard is slowly improving my typing but I just can't use it for writing code right now. I do love Zealios and frosted polycarbonate.
Speaking of frosted polycarbonate, my Norns Shield case from Denki Oto came and it's great. Bit fiddly to assemble and I think there's a bit of a structural issue with a couple of the peg holes, but not a deal-breaker.

This week was marginally less crazy at work. Client handover went super well on one thing, and wireframes and planning going well on another.

I've got a big project coming up, which is going to be pretty high profile and is starting to make me a bit twitchy as it has a hard deadline and I hate hard deadlines. Trying to avoid the "oh that deadline is 3 months away" trap.