Trying to make better habits


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I'm really good at getting into bad habits, but not so great at getting into good ones. For some reason, the good ones are way more appealing? Over the last few weeks, I have become absolutely sick of hearing myself say things like "ugh I really need to read more" and "I should pick up my guitar more often", and then doing nothing about either of those things. When it comes to work I'm so motivated and focussed; it's odd that this doesn't carry over into my personal life.

So I've decided to do something about it! A totally zero pressure, daily reminder to do the things that I want to get done. There's no world-ending drama if I don't do everything every day, it's just some things to check off when I do them, and trying to think about my day in terms of what I want to achieve both at work and at home is definitely helping me to rearrange my day. For the last few evenings I've been reading for 30 minutes before bed (which is super relaxing actually - who knew), and doing at least 30 minutes of scales or whatever on the guitar. My other goals are to work out, to drink water, to not drink alcohol, and there's one in there to log my weight if I step on the scales (I already have an app for that but I don't really open it).

I've been doing this for about a week now, and it feels good to bring some discipline and structure to my free time. I tend to fall apart when I have time off, and don't really do anything, then end up feeling like I wasted that time. Obviously having downtime is important, but having a routine works well for me so hopefully this will be for the best.

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