Pokémon Generation 8 is a delight

I seriously can't believe how charming this game is. I'm even having fun with the character customisation, which I usually skip entirely. This dress cost me so much money.

There are so many quality of life changes that make this game less grindy and more fun. I'm aware that many "hardcore" RPG fans hate things that make games like this more accessible, because fun = easy, and easy = stupid, but I love XP share. I love the fact that you gain XP when capturing, I love the weird water bike thing, I love chasing shy Pokémon through long grass because I hate random encounters.

Very glad I took a punt on this.

I got a little Pokémon trainer baseball card! Even the cooking minigame is fun, and useful!

Whoever did the localisation is an absolute genius. Some of the Britishisms are so great. The public bins are right, there are traffic cones almost everywhere, and the villains are totally misguided loutish football fans.

They've nailed the British stereotype in a way that is endearing instead of offensive. Which, when you're portraying a nation famous for silly satire and poking fun at everyone (OK maybe not so much recently), is good to get right.