Over-Exposed in an Arboretum

Today I learned that "arboretum" is the word posh people use to identify a collection of trees, context-irrelevant. You or I might call it a "forest" or "wooded area" but posh people call it an "arboretum". The main difference, so far as I can see it, is that you don't have to pay to get into a normal forest and dogs don't have to be kept on their leads. So you pay more but you get less. Like shopping at Waitrose.

Recently, I have been coming increasingly bored of the photos I take. I love using a camera, but the results fill me with this sort of weird self-loathing. Sorta like how movies about middle-aged American men portray sleeping with prostitutes. I think I need to do some sort of practical, structured thing to freshen up my approach a little. We're doing a site for a badass photography studio at the moment; I should probably see if they run something for uninspired hacks like me.