Ah no I spent so long waiting to take some pictures to post that I forgot and now I have to do this like always. Still there's something nice about looking over the last few weeks and remembering that you actually were alive and doing something with your time.

Tabitha and I went out on our bikes. We did about 18km, and she was exhausted but she did really well. There's something so terrifying about taking your child out on their bike, with all the cars, and one lapse in their concentration can change everyone's life forever.
I finally got a Whimsy built up. I think we got rid of the last couple of issues with it. I had to use my Dremel on the plate, which was fun. I'm still finding little bits of yellow plastic in...interesting locations.
I read ages ago that making these stacked stone things is bad for the environment as it disrupts local wildlife. I don't know how true that is, given that the tide does it twice a day, but y'know when something sticks on your head and becomes some sort of truth?
I liked this young seagull chilling on this rock. They're such irritating creatures, really.
I am dreadful at stealth games. I don't have any real patience. I used to love watching Jake play them though. He just got them, and it was very fun to watch. Anyway I wanted to try it to see if I've evolved any semblance of patience with my recent slew of slow hobbies and, yes actually weirdly I can now play this game pretty well. The story is completely outlandish though. It's like it was written by a 13-year-old boy who longed for something interesting to happen in his life.
Tabitha and I spent some time together. We've always wanted to come back to this park but I feel like she's grown out of this sort of thing now. Still, we had some fun together, and I feel like hanging onto something that you've outlived is an important thing to learn to circumnavigate.
I've been lying on my back on the lawn a lot. Stretching out my back, and also just taking a minute to stare at the sky. It's nice, but then I start to think about the ants, and my todo list. I'm not much of a meditator.
Charlotte took a picture of me hooking devices together to try and make something someone might describe as music. I failed, but I had fun.
And, of course, I took a picture of it all for Instagram. The refresh rate on the Norns Shield screen is not great, and my phone camera failed to capture it.
I went out. And had to work on my laptop keyboard. I can't abide that so I brought an even less practical board and it turned out to be pretty usable for coding.
I saw a dog I haven't seen for ages. She's called Pickle and she is very soft, like a chenille tracksuit. I realised I've never touched a chenille tracksuit, but this is how I would imagine that it would feel.
I had a delicious burger (Beyond Meat makes the best meat-free burgers) but it was very small. GBK makes the best onion rings I've ever had.
Charlotte got this pole for pulling branches down to pick wild fruit. To say that it was a theoretically sound notion, which completely failed in practice, would be a gross understatement. Entertaining, nonetheless, if not for the gnats.
Charlotte made the top of lasagne. I've been asking her to do this for ages and it worked so well. The top is the best bit. I have a funny story about this from when I was younger. I'll write about it if I remember.
She also made tiramisu. She makes a lot of stuff, does Charlotte. This was delicious. I don't usually love tiramisu but yes I would replace my blood with this.
We've been watching Food Wars on YouTube. It made me really want Papa Johns. Was a bit of a disappointment, and the salt gave me a brutal headache. Failed experiments are still valid datapoints, though, am I right.
Our walk today brought us up by this triangulation stone. I like these things.
We saw loads of lovely flowers, that I can't believe are still flowering. I think they're dahlias. I love dahlias - their shapes are so purposeful. It's hard to believe that nature made them without the help of a mathematician who discovered psilocybin.

....and breathe.