2 G5 A4866 Edit

Golf, the car, is my favourite type of Golf. I tried golf, the sport, a while back and I fell in the mud and it was not fun. I'm sure lots of people derive a lot of pleasure from golf, the sport, but I don't think I will ever be one of them. Unless you count the mini/crazy variants, which I am known to occasionally enjoy.

This Golf, the car, is a particularly nice one. Keeping a car this old as clean as it is, is no mean feat. I think this generation is particularly prone to rusting, but I feel like the same can be said of anything manufactured before 2000.

I really wanted a mk2 when I was younger (it's important to never attain even your most achievable goals), and was extremely happy to get the mk6 when I did (still a great car that I like driving a lot). I think I am very much a Golf Guy (there are dozens of us), which is a thing I learned about on a call with a client who is also a Golf Guy.

That'll probably do for my golf-related SEO for a while. Keyword density is probably fine.

That London Charlotte in her element