An unimaginative photo dump

Tabitha made a buttercup daisy chain flower crown at the allotment.
Charlotte made a ridiculous pizza.
I sat on the ground with a big bag of weed.
Went for a big ride and Charlotte made me a lovely breakfast when I got back.
I watched Would I Lie To You and ate a massive cookie.
Sudo found a ball.
The morning sunlight made my toast look really beautiful.
Tabitha and I made faces.

I've been getting really interested in making music again but being a bit extra about it. I'm probably more interested in the process than the result, but I think that's fine for a hobby.

I got a Norns Shield kit from Monome and it was super easy to build. I've got some midi going into it and making a noise, and a dirty audio signal going in for processing.

I want to try and mic a guitar to do some stuff with it but I think my electric guitar is a bit busted as I haven't used it since before Tabitha was born!

It's very cabley.
And entering your wifi password is like entering your name against a high score in a video game in 1995.