A spin on it.

2020 has been less than ideal for everyone. We all know this. I mean obviously. You're literally still not supposed to go outside, and it's been this way for nine months now. We're all sick of it. But dwelling on the negative is unhealthy. Especially for someone like me, who constantly focusses on the negative. So I wanted to go through the photos I've taken this year to make something that paints this year differently.

As predicted, this has made me feel a lot better about 2020.

Started the year as I mean to continue it - messing with keyboards.
And listening to keyboards. I've never listened to this record all the way through, but when something like this exists, you have to buy it.
Remember when you could go to places, and your kid could put things on their face?!
I miss Fatto a Mano so much.
Touching a pigeon!
Going to parks.
Taking photos of people you can see
Something about touching groynes?
This is my favourite cloud photo ever.
Kid is growing up so fast - it's been nice to slow time down and watch for a while.
We saw Athletico Mince. I didn't get it but now I remember it fondly because it was something that happened outside my house in 2020.
I saw Slipknot. 10,000 people in a room together. Not very 2020 (and probably, in retrospect, a terrible idea)
We rented a badminton court. I haven't played for nearly a year.
We had to put Amelie to sleep. Obviously not a high point of the year, but it's nice to see her face.
We visited an aviation museum. Kid loves aviation museums.
And we re-took a photo from 10+ years ago.
We got a lovely meal from a really weird Nepalese place that did Indian and Chinese food. It was probably one of the best Indian meals I've ever had 🤫
I won a Sonic the Hedgehog speedrun in John Lewis, and a £15 iTunes gift card. So I guess I'm a semi-pro gamer now?
Look at the joy on his face.
Still can't believe that this worked. And still works.
Animal Crossing came out. It has become a habit. Who could've seen that coming.
GMK Dots arrived. It's borderline unusable for me, but it is beautiful.
I broke the turnip economy
Tabitha read many books, whilst in a box.
I broke my Instagram silence on a foggy day.
Sudo played in the garden
I took photos of a bird in the tree
We played boules, and maybe took it a bit too seriously.
Tabitha did some circus tricks.
Sudo had a silly face.
There was a heron on our local pond
I rode my bike. A lot.
I slept on the sofa. A lot.
Charlotte learned to make a ridiculously good curry.
I learned to make scones, like an 11-year-old.
I ate a gross (everyone else liked it), but aesthetically pleasing lolly.
I walked the dog, a lot. Not a euphemism.
There were ducklings. Don't worry, the seagulls ate them all.
I took pictures of windmills.
Tabitha played some Switch. She can easily beat me at Pokémon
And we did stargazing together.
I messed about with Raspberry Pi.
There was a friendly robin at Charlotte's allotment.
Tabitha made a buttercup crown.
I rediscovered my Grados.
And had a brief foray into music production, but it's too antisocial for me.
We had takeaway curry. A lot.
I cuddled the dog.
And still did lots of walking.
I bought a guitar, but I have not played it because I am an animal.
We walked in the wind
And not in the wind.
I cycled in the rain. A lot.
Charlotte and Tabitha bought me a beautiful pen.
Tabitha rode her bike.
I played Horizon: Zero Dawn. One of my favourite AAA games.
We hugged, in spite of it all.
And we looked at the sea.
There was a Sudo
I did say I cycled a lot.
Sudo loves water.
We got a hammock. It was a good purchase.
Everyone loved it
Paul brought me a shirt back from Italy.
I got very warm and sat in a paddling pool.
I played with Mario LEGO.
We picked blackberries. Tabitha would rather play Switch.
I got up super early and cycled to Bognor. It was not a good idea.
Charlotte made pizza. It was a good idea.
I got a new bike. I planned to make it ridiculous, but then got distracted. A project for 2021
I finished a fun project at work.
And made loads of keyboards.
We visited a pump track. It was awesome - I want a BMX.
Charlotte grew chillis and I think I developed an intolerance to chillis.
Tabitha made whoopee pies.
And we got her a scooter. This year has been brutal for kids, and we've tried our best to minimise that.
I made my islanders communists.
And had socially-distanced breakfast with one of the School Dads.
Charlotte and Tabitha had ice cream. I can't eat ice cream outside.
I started messing with Game Boys.
Charlotte made me an amazing cardigan.
I rode a scooter.
I bought a thing for taking photos off the Game Boy Camera.
More Game Boys.
We hugged again!
Heart-shaped anniversary pizza.
We had a real Christmas tree. Real Christmas trees are the best.
I took photos
And wrote some scripts to colour them.
I built my favourite ever keyboard (so far)
Tabitha is now an adult somehow. I was watching this whole time.
She's still best friends with Sudo.
I built a macropad.
More windmill photos.
Tabitha discovered the Wii, and loves it. I could've saved some cash here!
We got a squirrel feeder. It's great.
Sudo helped with some knitting.
And we went for our final walk of 2020.