123 011008 - MOT Season

I have quite a well-balanced relationship with my car. It's quite twisted, and there's lots of adultery involved. I take, and once a week big oil takes a chunk. I take a bit more, then once a month morethan takes a bit more. I take a bit more, then once a year the government takes some tax so that I can use the glorious and well-maintained roads of this great nation. Then it all goes a bit skewif. I continue taking, and someone in blue coveralls, takes my wallet to a private place and makes sweet, sweet, unrequited love to it all night long (I've started mixing metaphors and getting myself excited, so it's time to take a cold shower).

This is normally the bit that costs a small fortune, but this year, my car has been well-behaved! Since January this year, aside from oil and cleaning materials, my car has only cost me approximately £400! That's a bargain considering the amount of fun it gives me for just over an hour on weekdays. Older cars rock (especially mine!)