Sunset Overload

Been having some really good sunsets the last couple of weeks. I love a good sunset, even if that makes me basic.

Sunsets (shh)


Don't tell anyone. Sunset photos really annoy me.

200 171208: The bus stop

200 171208: The bus stop

Waiting at bus stops is not fun, especially if you're not actually waiting for a bus!

172 191108 - Grass, man


My other cute girl. Charlotte won't let me take a picture of her, so she doesn't count!

Today, I missed an amazing sunrise and an amazing sunset. Pretty disappointed with that. I'm going to start wandering round Southampton in the evening to see which buildings they light up.

Apparently, Peter Andre is turning on the Christmas lights at Merry Hill. I have an amazing image of him dancing around singing "Mysterious Girl" before turning the lights on. Legend.

004 040608 - As the Sun Sets


Charlotte saved the day today. Normally if I went out and didn't get a single thing I wouldn't really care, but we were out for hours today and the centre of Southampton had nothing to offer. I thought I was going to be posting pictures of the roses in the garden (now people will know when I've not had a good day!). She spotted this on her driving lesson!

Today, I invested in an ND2 and an ND2-Grad filter and Cokin holder. The grad was used on this as the sun was pretty damn bright. I like them a lot. I wanted to get an IR filter but apparently the D200 doesn't like IR. I'm looking forward to getting my filter on. Or something.

Tomorrow, hopefully something from the New Forest