The Physical World

So much of what I do is digital that I drift towards physical media for many things. I have a record collection. I have too much LEGO for a man in his mid-30s (oh god I'm in my mid-30s). I write with a pen at every available opportunity.

I've always wanted a wax seal with our company logo on it. Do I write letters? No, I don't, but I would. Are penpals still a thing? But I love the idea of a wax seal, and I'm super happy that we finally have one.

Today, we spent a bit of time trying to find the perfect notebook. I think I've found the one I like most (certainly out of the ones I've tried). It's a Rhodia R A4 No. 18 and it's glorious. Very smooth paper that works superbly with a fountain pen and a rollerball without bleeding. Excited to try it out for reals now!