ГЭС-2, June 2019

Whilst I was in Moscow, I was super fortunate to visit the building site of ГЭС-2, which is going to be an amazing arts and culture hub, gallery, museum and venue for anything creative in the centre of Moscow. It's on the site of an old power station and storage vault (hit that link to read a better explanation of it all), but it's going to stretch right down to the river and also drastically improve the surrounding road infrastructure. I'm incredibly excited and proud to be involved in it, even in such a small capacity!

The scale of it all is mind-blowing. The main building is 38,000m2, and the vaults are 2,000m2, and there's between 600 and 1,500 people on site 24 hours a day.

The vaults

It's outside the site but I just like this picture. Lots of circles.

It was lunchtime when I visited so there were quite a few people chilling out on their own. Is street photography on a building site a thing?

These ceilings are amazing. They're concrete, but they're made by pressing wood into it as it dries, leaving an imprint. I love the effect.

Inside in the vaults

Yeah, street photography at building sites is a thing.

If I didn't have any other reason to go back to Moscow, I would go back just for this when it's open. I've seen the architect's renders and it's going to be amazing. I really believe it's going to be super important for art and culture in Moscow.

Moscow, June 2019

I had the chance to visit Moscow for a few days. I've never been to Russia and my utter lack of knowledge of the language scared me a bit but it worked out pretty well. The people I was visiting were super helpful and friendly.

It also gave me a chance to try out a Ricoh GR II before buying the III. I'm not sure if I'm going to go for it now.

Nice touristy photos make better front covers than photos from the aeroplane, but don't worry I have those for you:

I was a little scared to photograph people in the street since I'm used to a zoom and only had 28mm. Plus I didn't want to get yelled at in Russian. Much scarier than English.

No drones in Red Square.

Seems starlings are the pest bird here. No terrifying seagulls.

We saw Tim Hecker which was amazing. This music is so good live.

And we had Russian APA.

I will be back. This place is huge and super interesting.