Charlotte's Birthday at The Set's Chef's Table

Charlotte has wanted to go to The Set for ages, and they do this thing they call Chef's Table, where they configure a 10 course meal to your tastes then you sit at the pass and watch them cook it. So, for her birthday, we did just that. Naturally, I brought my camera and photographed a load of it whilst drinking too many cocktails.

Wax seal crew!

Doughnut, Yarg, Onion

Baby Aubergine, Pomegranate

Tempura Kou Sai Tai, Black Sesame

Asparagus, Chive, Wild Garlic

64°C Egg, Sea Kale, Seaweed

Roasted Cauliflower, Sultana, Vadouvan

Goat's Curd Ravioli, Peas, Ground Ivy

King Trumpet, Quail Egg, Artichoke

Under their heat lamps, food looks almost angelic

White Peach, Matcha

Strawberry, Basil, Black Pepper

It was an amazing evening. When a restaurant makes food so good that even someone as irritatingly fussy as me has an enjoyable and completely stress-free meal, that's something very special. And, most importantly, Charlotte loved it, too. If you enjoy food, visit Brighton and do this.

096 040908 - Into town

On the way into town to go to the awesome orange rooms tonight, we walked through an area that reminded me of Cheltenham. Felt a bit of nostalgia. Nostalgia passed. Got a bit drunk. I am the dude.