Your data on this site

When you fill in a form on this website, I use what you wrote to send an email to myself so that my email address doesn't get harvested by spammers. I use the email deliverability service Sendgrid for this. I've been using them for years and they seem to be a legit company. Your email will end up in a GMail inbox (if Sendgrid is able to deliver it).

I will never use your email address for anything other than replying to the email you sent me, which only seems fair. I only collect what you write in those fields, and the URL you were on when you submitted the form. I don't try to continue to know who you are after you've supplied me your personal details. Unless, of course, we become friends or are already friends.

If the form fails to submit because of an error in some code I wrote, your form submission may be passed as collateral to Sentry to help me fix my stupid mistake. If this happens, I will contact you to tell you what happened and we can decide what you want to do from there.

Everything you do is sent over HTTPS with the best practices last time I checked. If things have changed, or you notice a fault, I would be very happy if you pointed it out to me in private.

My DNS is hosted with Cloudflare, and every request you make on this website (as well as probably 50% of the internet, right now) goes through them, but it is encrypted the entire time.

I'm using reCAPTCHA to help with spam prevention, and I am legally obligated to tell you that Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply, or display a big blue badge on every page of this site. As much as I'd love to be, I can't be responsible for what they do in terms of tracking you on this site, but from my perspective it's just to make sure that you're a real person if you choose to contact me.