Websites that excessively internally link annoy me so much. Somehow I have managed to have two hobbies where news sites are guilty of this. Maybe it's all news sites, but gaming sites will talk and talk about a game's Steam page, but they will never link to it. It has to be an internal link to the game's tag page on their site, which also doesn't have a link to the Steam page. Same with music sites - links to their artist tag page, but never a link to Bandcamp, Spotify; nothing.

I come across this at work sometimes, where we have to do things to appease search engines at the cost of user experience and I will never not argue against it (even when I know I'm going to lose!). Your users don't care about your clicks or interactions or bounce rate. And if you really cared about those things, you'd make good content instead of tricking people into clicking around your site and farming false positives.

I hate making things that are not as good as they could be, just because Google Says. Google says to put glue on pizza, so maybe we shouldn't be following Google.


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