We went away in February

This feels like a lifetime ago. I found my little mini diary thing I was initially keeping to show Tabitha how to make notes, but I didn't do anything with it (and neither did she). I might start doing this with my whole life.


  • Waffles
  • Started building Kyria
  • Chocolate and raspberry nine-bar
  • Pavillion
  • Wore a hat and everyone was rude to me
  • Curry pizza


  • Bagels, This Is Not Bacon, Tabitha had her pickly bagelman bagel thing
  • Swimming
  • Tabitha likes watching athletics. Pole vault world record
  • Lego Masters
  • Too much food at Holiday Inn
  • Steve Irwin


  • Swim
  • Too much breakfast. Pancakes, sausages, eggs
  • Some Xenoblade
  • Catchphrase
  • John Lewis running a Green Hill Zone Act 1 time attack. 27’51
  • It’s cold
  • I got a new jacket. It is very green. Feels weird.
  • We are eating at a restaurant that feels super creepy. Menu sounds good though.
  • Food was delicious
  • Most uncomfortable bed I’ve ever slept in


  • Shower was good
  • IKEA breakfast
  • I won the Sonic thing!
  • I need to chase that 26’01
  • Xenoblade 2 is so good
  • Tabitha played Switch Lite
  • Winchester is as unremarkable as I remember
  • Prezzo was so bland it was almost bizarre. Charlotte’s pizzas are orders of magnitude better.
  • New Holiday Inn is nice
  • People who take buses are jerks everywhere - guy pushes in front of us then graciously lets us go before him.
  • Everyone has fallen asleep again, leaving me awake and bored and alone.
  • If this bed is uncomfortable I’m going to be cross.


  • Bed was comfortable. Slept very well
  • Breakfast was ridiculously bland but good sausages
  • I don’t like Hampshire drivers
  • The more I visit them, the more zoos make me sad, but I got some photos I liked.
  • I like lemurs
  • My camera got very wet
  • Someone left a cheeseboard in the hallway and it made the place smell bad.
  • We got buy one get one free pizzas and kids eat free
  • I love how much Tabitha enjoys reading
  • His Dark Materials is good


  • Home today
  • Still raining
  • 3 kids is a lot of kids
  • Hinton Ampner seems nice but I prefer gardens to houses and the grounds were mostly closed which was disappointing
  • Uppark is my speed. If I was going to have a ridiculous house, it’d be at the top of a big hill like this
  • Underground servants’ quarters bigger than my house, but 45 people lived there at its busiest
  • I’m glad I’m not afraid of things
  • The countryside round here is beautiful, even in the rain. Would be ridiculous mid-autumn
  • Drove the exact same route back that Dan and I did from The Grange less than a week earlier
  • It’s nice to be home
  • Arriving home to a cremation notification for Amelie was not what I wanted at all.
  • Tabitha goes straight for the LEGO
  • Richie Rich is another awfulgreat 90s family comedy. I wonder why they stopped making them; is it just because Macaulay Culkin got older?
  • Tabitha is going to suffer from an inability to stop clowning around, just the same as I do. It’s weird to be on the receiving end of it.
  • His Dark Materials was good but I hate obvious hoping for another series cliffhangers.


  • It was nice to be away from constant strong winds for a few days.
  • Ridiculously lazy day
  • Built ISS with Tabitha. She’s crazy good at building LEGO now. She could’ve done this alone, I think.
  • Built my Valentine’s dog thing Charlotte got me
  • Thought my splitkb order arrived but it hadn’t
  • Played like 8 hours of Xenoblade
  • Ate a meal that wasn’t pizza
  • Should’ve gone to badminton last night. Feeling like a sack today.


  • Charlotte and Tabitha going to London without me for the day. Rude.
  • Took them to the station, picked up my Zealios
  • Lubed 50 Zealios
  • Watched Ford v Ferrari
  • Made Tabitha some legs with knees out of LEGO. The knees are made from Minifig legs