The Subway meat-free meatball is not good. It doesn't help that the person who served me seemed to have never made a sandwich before, but the meatball itself was like soggy, compacted sawdust. Their adverts that show people pretending to be worried that they're eating meat are borderline false advertising. It's almost entirely flavourless, but they've done their best to try and mask it with the other ingredients in the sandwich. I do like their Sriracha, though. Don't know how long they've been doing that.

The Greggs vegan steak bake, on the other hand, is very good. Exactly how I remember steak bakes from when I was 18. On reflection, that is nearly 17 years ago, which makes me feel somewhat sad.

I should point out that these were two separate meals. I didn't have a meatball sub and a steak bake for lunch!