The Lunar Hybrid Collection

Channeling Damien Hirst to plan my collection layout,

All throughout my Animal Crossing: New Horizons playthrough, I've been a victim of my own laissez-faire attitude to planning. I have moved six houses, demolished a bridge, moved the museum and the shop. All because, at the time, the decision of where to put them was in my way.

Normally, there's an almost inverse issue. I tend to plan slowly, making sure I can see everything I can think of before getting started. This then ends up messing with me when some unforeseen or new detail forces me to rethink and relearn significant portions of my plan, which shakes my confidence and makes me doubt my direction.

I digress. I have decided that my goal with flower breeding in ACNH is twofold: an archive of all standard flower varietals, and a national collection of all hybrids. The archive is complete and the collection will be able to be a backburner project. I've organised my landscape; now I just need my flowers. It's quite satisfying doing this. It's the kind of RNG I like. Plus we've formed a little skunkworks project within High Score Club called Watering Club. The chances of clones and hybrids significantly increases if people from other islands water your flowers, so we hop to each other's islands and water each other's plants. It's a weird kind of co-operation, but I am very much enjoying seeing how it affects everyone's RNG. I still don't have purple mums, green mums, or blue roses though.