Who?(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I've been playing Supergiant's new game, Hades, this evening. I like it very much, but then:

  • Dungeon crawler; ✅
  • Roguelite; ✅
  • Supergiant's art style; ✅

It's checking boxes all over town.

I saw some nerds whingeing on the Steam forums that it was an Epic store exclusive for a while so people should boycott it. Is there a more pointless way to expend energy than boycotting a video game because it didn't release on your storefront first?

As someone who fastidiously organises their music collection, I'm all-too-familiar with the notion of centralised libraries, but using anything more than absolutely zero energy on porting console fanboyism to PC is just ridiculous. I already have GOG and Origin so what difference does one more pointless launcher make? I swear the only reason for this particular axe-grinding is the fact that it's Epic, and Epic makes Fortnite, and whining, entitled, 'core PC gamers resent the filthy casuals flooding the platform with their filthy casual game that features socialising and dancing, and not realistic gun sounds and shooting people's faces off.

Sometimes I absolutely get why people don't take gaming seriously as a pastime, and it has nothing to do with the medium.

New Macbook Pro runs Windows 10 and games pretty well. The fans seem to come on at low temperatures, which makes the whole thing sound like you're gaming aboard a busy aircraft carrier, but games seem to run well: reasonable framerates, resolutions; minimal tearing. It's all making me itchy for one of those new Xbox Elite controllers. Dear Santa...