It's no longer exciting to read that there's a brand new version of a piece of software I use (yes, it was before, shut up). My first thought is now "what ridiculous subscription pricing model have they implemented?!".

Today's offender is Flexibits with Fantastical. This is a piece of software that I credit with single-handedly changing the way I organise and plan my day. It helped me to establish a fundamental culture of organisation of my time that I feel has made me a less frustrating person to deal with, overall.

That being said, £20 for a Mac license, and I think the same again for iOS was already a lot for a calendar. Now they want £5 a month! The fact that every piece of software I use wants a piece of my salary until either I die, or they decide to stop making it, is just ridiculous and totally unsustainable. No calendar is worth £5 a month. I can just get a diary and text Charlotte whenever I add something that affects her. This is getting out of control.