I'm trying not to focus on the General State of Things too much. It's outside my control, and people are making stupid decisions that annoy me. One of us isn't thinking enough, and if it's me that doesn't make me less annoyed.

I'm burying myself in work a bit, but I am also really enjoying figuring out ways to spend time with people I care about but can't be near. I equate this to trying to figure out what to buy someone for their birthday: how can I let this person know that I value them and care about them?

One of the easiest people I've ever known in this regard is My Friend Hugo (sounds like a movie about an intervention). We have so much overlap in things we like that I frequently feel guilty for not making more effort with him. I feel like things that require less effort shouldn't receive less effort; it should be the opposite.

I digress.

Hugo and I played Streets of Rage 4 online together and it was great. They've done a brilliant job with that game. Like they've been watching people trash the Sonic formula and annoy people and gone "hey let's not do that; people don't like it". I've played a lot of Streets of Rage, and this is a great addition to the series. I'm very glad that SoR continues to be a series that you don't have to say "oh skip that one, it sucks".

Hope you're staying safe. If you want to do something together, hit me up.