I'm going to be streaming again for a bit. I'm having so much fun with Hades, and the gameplay is so mad that watching back things I'm stuck on is really helpful, that even if when no-one watches it's worth doing.

The only mic I have right now is my Zoom, but I do have a lavalier that works with it so I might be able to get some decent audio. It's kinda jarring when I'm in a menu making a decision about some options but all you see is a frozen UI. Other than that it's probably just a lot of swearing. I don't like watching overly-chatty streamers, and I am not one.

Every now and again I'm like "I'm going to get into streaming", then I forget why I'm doing it or who I'm doing it for, or I stop playing the game that made me want to do it.

If watching me play video games appeals to you for whatever reason, you can subscribe to my Twitch and get notified when I'm playing. I have no schedule; I just play when I feel like it. I'll also upload my broadcasts to my YouTube if you want to skip through them and watch me suck. There's honestly no other reason to watch.