Hyper Light Drifter

I've been waiting for this game since its very early Kickstarter days. Unfortunately, it came around after my policy to never back Kickstarters (I have been burned by these things enough) so I didn't back it. Fortunately, it smashed its goal and now it's finally here. I haven't had a load of time with it but, so far, it's absolutely beautiful. The art is wonderful, the sound is atmospheric and the controls are responsive and satisfying. This is a perfect homage to 16-bit gaming, and I'm very much looking forward to spending some more time exploring the world that Heart Machine have created.

The level of polish that this game has received is admirable. In a world of day-one patches, this is knowing nod to a past where such things were simply not possible. You had to get things right out the gate or your game likely would die, and I feel like Heart Machine may just have done it!

Buy it on Steam. Preorder the soundtrack on Bandcamp