It was super rainy this morning. I love everything about cycling in the rain, but I dislike everything that comes after it.
This dog 😒
I got my father's day present early and it is lovely.

Not a lot of time for taking photos at the moment, but work is fun so it's not all bad.

I've been trying to improve my seating position whilst I work from home. It's going well but I'm so slow at typing on this board. I've been using to try and get up-to-speed and it gets you some of the way there, but it doesn't help as much as I'd like for coding.

Sitting with arms far apart, and inset to the desk is very comfortable. Makes you realise how cramped a normal layout can feel.

One of my favourite things about a 40% board is making a layout and getting used to it. With this one I have my symbols on a layer activated by holding F, and my numbers on a layer activated by holding J. The alignment of the columns makes a numpad layout make a lot of sense, and it's much quicker than a numrow. I've also added caps lock to this layout. I don't use it a bunch, but I do occasionally miss it.