Finally some SIXAXIS!

I don't have a lot of PS3 games, but I've recently been getting back into it and I'm really enjoying it. Mostly playing Far Cry 2 and Skate 2, but I picked up Killzone 2 (do I only play sequels?!) today and it's got the first SIXAXIS support I've seen.

I had a Wii, and I was always underwhelmed by the whole experience. It seems like the wavy controller stuff is shoehorned in in a lot of games just because of the whole gimmick surrounding the console. That's not to say anything really negative about the Wii - I love Nintendo and it's so good to see one of the game-makers from when I first started playing kicking ass (after Sega committed suicide with the Saturn), but I couldn't get past the overbearing gimmick of the Wii.

Killzone 2 implements motion detection so subtly and so appropriately that I can't help but be impressed by it. Turning the controller to open valve releases and set blast charges is just such an amazing touch, and fits perfectly with the oft-overlooked environmental interaction aspect of FPS games.

Loving this! Gaming is really floating my boat these days.