Buffalo is Ten!

My career for the last ten years has been a little weird. I left a stable product job to do something I'd always wanted to do: work on things talented people had designed so that I could feel proud to show them off. As a programmer, and godawful designer, I feel people judge my work based on its aesthetic, in spite of the fact that that has nothing to do with my actual role. It's understandable but frustrating. I was tired of working on CRMs and intranets - boring stuff to use that is surprisingly fun to make. I wanted something I could show people.

So I got my agency job and the company, almost immediately, went bust. I don't take credit for this, but I was redundant for the second time in two years so decided to freelance.

I hated freelancing so much. The idea of a sweet day rate was super appealing, but what I hadn't considered was the fact that you can't charge your day rate for pitches, or admin, and I was kinda crappy at that stuff anyway. I thought I was going to get paid super sums of money to wear a bathrobe and code all day. Nope.

lolcommits, 3 years ago

I can't remember how, but I accidentally stumbled across Buffalo's site when I was looking for potential agency partners so I could decrease that sales stuff I was doing and increase the code I was writing. I contacted Dan and we hit it off immediately and we're still working together seven-ish years later. I'm immensely proud of where we are right now, even though I can hardly take any credit for it (I spent pretty much the entire last seven years writing code and very little else, but I like to tell myself that that freed Dan up to do what he's great at, which is building the company).

Sadly, I can't join the Brighton Agency Founders Slack channel, but I can enjoy the 10th birthday of the best place I've ever worked. And I can also enjoy watching Interstellar, starring Max's head, at one of our clients' 30-seater cinema.