Argh! Silly car!

I love my car. It's brilliant! For the last (at least) 12 months, it's been reliable as hell. Sure, it failed its MOT but I was prepared for that and it wasn't an inconvenience.

Last night, however, when I was supposed to be going go-karting with the guys from work was an inconvenient time for my car to break down. Being the impulsive guy I am I big-fat-went go-karting anyway and left my problem until 11pm last night. Irritatingly enough, my problem hadn't vanished by 11pm; my car was still overheating, idling high and (seemingly) overfueling. Great. So I think "I'll try to get it home, then use Charlotte's car". This didn't work. I got to between junction 9 and 8 on the M27 by 11:15pm and that's where I stayed til 12:15pm when the nice AA man arrived to give me a lift home.

This would be all well and good, I don't mind spending out on my car because it costs me so little normally, but I really wanted to get a tattoo this month and now I can't! I also need to look for cheap reasons to test why my car would be playing up, and this definitely doesn't mean taking it to a garage - I always get the distinct impression someone is trying to steal from me when I go to the garage.