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1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Alien

Essential science fiction. Haven't seen this for so many years but it's aged surprisingly well.

1f61e fc26e26640d181f097fc69c5f89c3720fefb2196a47240d4631622f031f83392Signs

Even by M Night Shyamalan's standards this is garbage. The aliens just decide to leave?! Please.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505BlacKkKlansman

Jumps between how ridiculous and devastating racism is so effectively and frequently it'll make your head spin. Very funny and horrifying.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505The Imitation Game

People are just monsters. Enjoyed this film, but found Keira Knightley quite irritating.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Central Intelligence

I had an absolute blast watching this. Would love to watch The Rock and Kevin Hart together again. Great fun.

1f61e fc26e26640d181f097fc69c5f89c3720fefb2196a47240d4631622f031f83392Beauty and the Beast

There's just no need for this to exist at all. Adds nothing, improves upon nothing. Almost entirely soulless.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Alice Through the Looking Glass

Really enjoyed returning to this world.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Incredibles 2

These are the only superhero films the world needs. Absolutely perfect.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505The Greatest Showman

Loved the songs, visuals, and dancing. Story is a good little happy-cry.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Not really sure why I waited so long to watch these films but I've loved the story, and the way it all ties together is wonderful.