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1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505The Sound of Music

It's way too long, and the story wants to be about fifteen different things, but when you consider it's all just an excuse to point a camera at Julie Andrews and have her singing and looking virtuous for three hours, I'm totally fine with it. As with society, it could've done without the Nazis and overall it would've improved.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Smallfoot

Tabitha really enjoyed this. Lots of nods for the parents as well.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out

The product of comedy's struggle against its own audience. Laughed a lot.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Mulan

Pretty formulaic as a Disney film but the lack of one-dimensional princess is refreshing.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Three Identical Strangers

The fuck is wrong with people. Psychology and psychiatry existed for too long with no notion of ethics and reverberations are still felt.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Been meaning to watch this in so long. Cried basically all the way through it. Wouldn't change a thing about this film.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Alien

Essential science fiction. Haven't seen this for so many years but it's aged surprisingly well.

1f61e fc26e26640d181f097fc69c5f89c3720fefb2196a47240d4631622f031f83392Signs

Even by M Night Shyamalan's standards this is garbage. The aliens just decide to leave?! Please.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505BlacKkKlansman

Jumps between how ridiculous and devastating racism is so effectively and frequently it'll make your head spin. Very funny and horrifying.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505The Imitation Game

People are just monsters. Enjoyed this film, but found Keira Knightley quite irritating.