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1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Get Out

Incredible tension, and reveals itself with perfect pace. Deeply unsettling.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Coco

That hit me like a sack of bricks. Very emotional - everyone in the room was crying. Pixar officially forgiven for The Good Dinosaur.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Jumanji

Haven't seen this since I was a kid and I'd forgotten it all. Brilliant, and the most perfect ending.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Surprised to have enjoyed this. As a thing to do, I think I prefer it to the original. Very watchable.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Blade Runner 2049

I would not change a single thing about this film

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I don’t remember anyone’s name in this film. Great story, atmosphere and soundtrack. Feels rushed at the end.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Free Fire

Quite tense in places, and entertaining throughout. If this had Tarantino's name on it'd be huge.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505The Constant Gardener

So many films attempt this narrative structure and fail. Always gives you just enough to keep you interested.

1f636 ef99b6bb5d3758c7f77b2b56ca4532ecb846d68efc122202a5c91c9d50b57131Life

It's not bad. But it's not good. Not what I was expecting. Drags a bit in several places. Watch something else if you have it.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Ghostbusters

Somehow managed to make it to 32 without seeing this and I now get why people like Bill Murray.