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1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Arrival

Beautiful, heartbreaking. Raises the bar for science fiction, and puts me off all other sci-fi.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Mike Birbiglia: Thank God for Jokes

I don't like a lot of comedy any more but this really made me laugh.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505San Andreas

A very enjoyable disaster flick

1f636 ef99b6bb5d3758c7f77b2b56ca4532ecb846d68efc122202a5c91c9d50b57131The Lego Batman Movie

Some funny moments but really dragged. Wouldn't choose to see it again.

1f61e fc26e26640d181f097fc69c5f89c3720fefb2196a47240d4631622f031f83392The Interview

No idea how someone could watch the thing I saw and say "yep, this is a thing that will be released". Utterly fucking terrible.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Kick-Ass 2

Would rather watch this a thousand times than Avengers once. Stupid and knows it. Satisfyingly violent.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Role Models

Seen this so many times and I always enjoy it.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505The Frisco Kid

Certainly not politically correct by any stretch but Gene Wilder is incredible as always and the whole thing hangs together very well.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Kubo and the Two Strings

Unbelievable. Was gripped from beginning to end. One of my favourite films of 2016.

1f600 d2074d77c150e4b6914783dc3949a361feb04ad69277d3c97483d7111fab9505Princess Mononoke

Beautifully-told story about how humans wreck everything.