A Lunch Date

Tabitha and I will occasionally go out to lunch together at the weekend. She seems to get really excited about it (I am guilty of spoiling her a little, and doing things her mum may not approve of like going to the pier) and it's one of my favourite things to do. As she gets older, she's becoming more and more fun to spend time with. She talks about things I wouldn't expect, which makes conversation very interesting.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: if you have trouble making friends, have a child and then train them to like you?


Tabitha went to her first climbing lesson this weekend. She enjoyed it, but the lesson was kinda crappy. Class was too big and the instructor couldn't keep up with everyone.


Kid's getting crazy good at handstands. Not sure how this happened but she seems to be practising a lot so maybe school?


Tabitha and I spent the day together yesterday and it was a lot of fun. We did pretty much everything we could think of, even in spite of the rain.

Today has been very different. Very difficult. I've been in a terrible mood and I spent a little time drawing and writing and messing with photos and felt a little…not better but…different and not so negative. But now it's Sunday evening and I feel like I wasted the afternoon being a grumpy piece of shit.

I did finish my book though. I am really into ebooks at the moment but I can't get used to the fact that they end 40 pages early. The last pages are always ads or the first chapter of another book. Not cool.

Bank Holiday Stroll

It's not very often we get good weather over a weekend in this country (thanks Brexit) let alone a bank holiday, but it's happened. Went for a wander and an ice cream in the sun. Was pretty good.

Then came home and I worked for a few hours which was less good.

Then I spent a while migrating my text notes from Drafts (which recently pissed me off by moving to a subscription model) to iA Writer which hasn't yet and it had better not. I can't handle more heartbreak.