Charlotte drew a marker on the wall for when Tabitha would be tall enough to go on the good pier rides. She has, out of nowhere, hit that height now. Let's go dodgems!

The school nativity pictures

I took some photos for the PTA at Tabitha's school to sell at the nativity. People have been so nice to me all week about them. I was stressed about messing it up but it actually went really well, and the photos are all super cute.

My best girl's in year one

When I look at the past, I can't believe where we've been. When I look at the present, it's like she's always been in my life just as she is right now.

So proud of this girl every day, everything she is, and everything she's becoming.

Oh my god the lighting in this photo is amateur hour, but I'm not really used to the flash I'm using yet. I need a diffuser because the shadow below her eyes and nose is just not acceptable and I am very sorry. Tabitha, if it's 2030 and you're reading this now, I wasn't always a deadbeat. I do know how to light subjects properly, I promise.

Impromptu Saturday Trip To That London

Tabitha ran round in some fountains.

We saw some old gas towers that are now flats. I simultaneously love and hate these. Apparently they have space in the middle with balconies. I want one.

Tabitha went in a hammock.

We went to the skip garden. It's called a skip garden because they'd planted up some refuse skips. It also had this greenhouse made entirely out of windows. Imagine how pleased you'd be with yourself if you'd thought of that.

We saw a guy painting his boat.

Saw this nice view which looked like one of those architect's drawings of how a building development will look when it's finished. So, good job well done there.

Then we saw a guy fishing and it looked like a watercolour.

And then Charlotte and Tabitha shared an ice cream.

More things happened after this but I had lost interest in taking pictures by then so that's it.

A Lunch Date

Tabitha and I will occasionally go out to lunch together at the weekend. She seems to get really excited about it (I am guilty of spoiling her a little, and doing things her mum may not approve of like going to the pier) and it's one of my favourite things to do. As she gets older, she's becoming more and more fun to spend time with. She talks about things I wouldn't expect, which makes conversation very interesting.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: if you have trouble making friends, have a child and then train them to like you?