Batting Practice

Tabitha wanted to play cricket. She's always had a bit of an interest in ball games, but it's not really something we've nurtured. Between her interest in art, writing, gymnastics; there's not really a lot of time left for anything else.

For some reason or another, we've been playing more games like this recently, and the opportunity presented itself to join Allstars Cricket so she wanted to give it a shot. She's very enthusiastic, but the coaches seem to focus on people who have a more natural ability and just let anyone else flap about and have some fun. One can flap about and have fun anywhere, so I've been trying to sharpen Tabitha's skills.

We've been bowling, batting, throwing, and catching, and she's really improving. She's also focussing a lot better than she normally does. She's like me - if she's not good at something immediately, it starts a timer on how long she's prepared to do it. Fortunately, she has improved quite quickly. She can bowl nice and straight, and hit the ball pretty well if it comes at her in a reasonable manner. Catching needs some work, but I guess that'll just come naturally with practice. Plus, American TV shows have taught me that kids love nothing more than to stand in their gardens playing catch with their dads, so I guess we have that!

Tabitha is Six

Tabitha is six now. This was the first birthday that she really got excited about and boy did she get excited. She had her first birthday party at Montezuma's (would recommend, by the way) and she has been counting the days since November.

She wanted Fatto a Mano at lunch because they're the only people who come close to making pizza as well as her mum does. Not even blowing smoke; Charlotte makes the best pizza I've ever had, and I'd choose her pizza over any others, given the chance.

Let's go to the park!

It's become a bit of a routine for Tabitha and I to take the dog for a walk when she's done at school. What that usually entails is me throwing a ball for Sudo and Tabitha going to the park.

What is it about 5-year-olds that they're utterly incapable of using play equipment for its intended purpose? We spent about an hour there yesterday and she didn't use one thing properly. Still seemed to have fun though.


Bit of a lazy one today, and we were going a little crazy sitting inside, so took the dog out for some fresh air and silly faces. Then came back and played some Mario Kart. I can barely summon the energy to type this out.

The last week in black and white

Lots of walking, hanging out with the kid, and a dog who's getting weirder as time goes on.