A while

There are those friends you don't see for a while. You're all busy; it's fine. You talk occasionally, and it's all good. But when you get to hang out it's like you see each other all the time and nothing's changed since you first met. Those friends are so, so good to see.

We wrapped up and went for a walk as the sun was setting, and it was very good.

Mini-hike in the rain

Charlotte took this but I like it and it has me in it

Had an appointment at the hygienist this morning and felt uncharacteristically optimistic afterwards. I've been super busy at work this week and was looking forward to getting out and taking some pictures this weekend.

Then it started raining.

Then it didn't stop.

But I still really wanted to go out, so I dragged The Ladies and The Dog up over the Downs to explore and take some photos in the rain. It was a nice walk but we were pretty drenched and grumpy by the end of it.

Still, being selfish about it, I like these photos I got. And also smashed my newly-raised activity goal on my watch, so now I can, of course, slob about all afternoon watching TV and eating junk food. That's definitely how that works.

Being Beside the Seaside

There's a lifetime of work in photographing the seaside and people enjoying it. I love the from-a-distance shots. Don't know why. I'm probably ripping off a famous photographer without realising but I like it.


Had a savage hangover this morning so dragged my stupid ass out of bed and took my camera for a walk into Brighton. Took a tonne of photos but they were mostly crap. Got a few I liked, though. Including this delightful little piece of football-related imagery.

Then went into town and picked up some new trainers I'd ordered. I wanted something a bit ridiculous and I think I nailed it.

Bank Holiday Stroll

It's not very often we get good weather over a weekend in this country (thanks Brexit) let alone a bank holiday, but it's happened. Went for a wander and an ice cream in the sun. Was pretty good.

Then came home and I worked for a few hours which was less good.

Then I spent a while migrating my text notes from Drafts (which recently pissed me off by moving to a subscription model) to iA Writer which hasn't yet and it had better not. I can't handle more heartbreak.