Tandy Family Dorset Road Trip: Day 1

This is not Dorset. We stopped in Arundel on the way because there was a tulip festival and I love tulips, but it was £15 each so I just took a photo of the castle and we looked around the cathedral. I had a nice chat with a lady about the notion of using a drone as a stills camera. She seemed fascinated by the idea and I was glad I had some photos to show her.

In the two weeks running up to easter, churches apparently cover all their depictions of people so that worshippers can "focus on the mystery of Christ", but the effect in this particular setting is that of a cabaret reenactment of a terrorist hostage video.

Henry is giving this gentleman a very suspicious look.

And now we're in Dorset

Bournemouth is a classic British seaside town. We used to live just down the road from it, but we only visited a few times (and one was for a stag so that doesn't really count). We've never ventured far from the pier, but we're staying the night in a quintessential seaside hotel a little way to the east of the pier, so we're exploring out of necessity.

We walked up and down the beach and over-cliff and enjoyed the lovely, flat, overcast light that only a true British seaside town can provide. We marvelled at the derelict funicular railway and lied to ourselves that we'd love to go on it if it gets restored. If this was running, Charlotte probably wouldn't even enter Bournemouth for fear that I'd drag her on it.

Having soaked up the ambiance of Bournemouth's seafront, we returned to the hotel to take advantage of the swimming pool. My negative body image has prohibited me from swimming for roughly a decade, but I actually enjoyed being in the pool. Even in spite of the fact that I was accompanying a child who seemed utterly intent on drowning for the duration of our "swim". I think I'd like to continue swimming when we return. I used to swim all the time when I was younger, and I think I miss it.

Finally, we trudged to Boscombe to visit a vegan restaurant we've been interested in trying. Food was good. Burgers were better than the hotdogs, but then burgers are better than hotdogs so that's not a gigantic surprise. Bellies full, we returned to the hotel room and began the arduous task of recharging camera equipment and putting a reluctant 6-year-old in bed before restarting the whole bloody cycle again tomorrow.


Dragged my ass out of bed and cycled to Newhaven's West Beach car park at 6:30am today. I've wanted to take photos of the lighthouse there for ages, and I still want to go back in rough weather to see if I can get something of waves hitting it.

Thought I was going to lose the drone this morning - I was quite far out when taking the shot that looks inland, and thought I was going to run out of battery. Fortunately, the Mavic is pretty quick in sport mode and made it back with plenty of time to spare! I love being up that early in the morning. There's hardly anyone about except other people who like it when hardly anyone's about and they leave you alone, save for a nod of acknowledgement.


Went to Seven Sisters this morning because the weather looked nice and I wanted to take some photos and fly the drone. Feeling like I'm getting back into a rhythm of all this and want to keep it going. Really enjoyed taking these pictures. Because I am an idiot, I left my wide angle lens at home and shot a load of landscapes on a 50mm. I always find some way to fuck things up.

I love the drone shots I got today. I always have so much fun flying that thing - it's just a pain in the ass trying to find somewhere to take off and land and not be around people. So many drone pilots ignore this, and it makes me wish I could forget my conscience for a bit but I can't.

After wandering around, we got back on the bus and went to Eastbourne to go to one of my favourite cafés - Beanzz - for some lunch and cake. Fallen off the wagon a bit, diet wise this week, and have hardly lost any weight. Haven't gained either though so not feeling too guilty. And who can resist a Creme Egg Scotch Egg?! Not me; that's who.

The Physical World

So much of what I do is digital that I drift towards physical media for many things. I have a record collection. I have too much LEGO for a man in his mid-30s (oh god I'm in my mid-30s). I write with a pen at every available opportunity.

I've always wanted a wax seal with our company logo on it. Do I write letters? No, I don't, but I would. Are penpals still a thing? But I love the idea of a wax seal, and I'm super happy that we finally have one.

Today, we spent a bit of time trying to find the perfect notebook. I think I've found the one I like most (certainly out of the ones I've tried). It's a Rhodia R A4 No. 18 and it's glorious. Very smooth paper that works superbly with a fountain pen and a rollerball without bleeding. Excited to try it out for reals now!

A Day in Amsterdam

I wanted to buy a Club Mate, but I'm being good. I love Club Mate

I never normally get to go to cool places for work because people always want to see Dan. That sounds like I'm bitter, but I'm not. I accepted my fate as a vault-dwelling mole-person when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in programming. But, as I progress through my career, I'm doing more planning, consulting and meeting, which means more travel.

I'm putting together a video of this trip because I want to make videos, but I don't know how to make videos. I have in my head that I'm going to make something like Mr Brainwash's first edit of his footage for Exit Through the Gift Shop (this is potentially a niche reference. Even Charlotte, who loved that movie and loves street art, didn't remember what I was talking about!) which puts me off making the sort of thing that I think is my style. That is a sort-of Werner Herzog/Peter Draws narrative over the footage I gathered for the subject. I don't know if that's the sort of thing people would want to watch, but we'll see when I've made it, I suppose.

Gavin Strange, the constant fountain of inspiration, reminds us to not overthink it, and just start making something. So, I guess that's what I should do. Who cares if it sucks; making stuff is fun, and you don't get good at making stuff without...making stuff.