I've done a camera swap with Dan, and I'm using the Leica M10-D this weekend. It's very weird to get used to, but there's something very satisfying about shooting without the distraction of any photo previews. It's a bit frustrating when you want to make sure you got framing right, but the Leica Fotos app is pretty decent in a pinch. I haven't used a Leica for ages, and manual focussing was so slow but it doesn't take long to get back up to speed.

We went to Worthing Food Festival today, so I thought I'd bring it and see what sort of results I could get from it. It definitely has that Leica Look - more so than my typ 240. If you under-expose a bit it's even more pronounced. I like it a lot. Some of these look like film to me, and there's very minimal processing on them. Basically just levels. With a camera that's so opinionated with colour as these are, even messing with white balance in post is quite counter-productive. If you want something with perfect colour representation, get a DSLR.

This looks so fun. I want to put some gloves on and smoosh my hands around in a big pile of noodles. He wouldn't let me, though

These colours!

There was a chilli-eating competition. This is where it'd have been nice to have the Canon. I was blindly framing with manual focus. Not a good combo. Still liked this photo of these two winners cheers-ing their final chilli.

We also had a bit of a wander around Worthing. I've never been before - it's better than I anticipated. I'd like to go and have more of a look around and see what's there. There's tonnes of restaurants.

This guy has a lovely car, and he knows it

Loved the pier. There's something very trapped-in-time about the British seaside.


Bit of a mixed bag of a weekend. Went to a stag, fired a gun, threw some axes, shot some arrows, went for a wander and saw a bit of a huge motorbike show on the seafront.

Against my better judgement, given that I currently have tennis elbow and golfer's elbow, but it turned out to not be that bad.

There were some crazy bikes on show. I absolutely love motorbikes but I also love going fast so having one seems like a bad idea.

Something about this caught my eye. Dunno what but it doesn't fit the theme at all!


This heron taught me a valuable lesson this weekend. Every time I walked past the pond, I didn't have my camera. The last time I decided to go back and get it because I'd had enough of missing him. When I returned, he was gone, because of course he was. Finally managed to catch him and got a few I really liked. Always carry a camera.

The problem with this sort of thing is it starts me trying to justify ridiculous gear purchases. Like I definitely need a Canon 400mm f4, just to take photos of birds for free.

Unfortunately, because of where he was standing, I couldn't get any decent shots of him fishing, but use your imagination!

I liked his grumpy face when a dive yielded nothing.

Badlaws, DJ Perro and Elephant Gym at Hope and Ruin

Nice lineup that Mario accurately described as an ArcTanGent hangover cure. Nice surprise in the form of Badlaws, DJ Perro played a very tight multi-guitar math rock set, and Elephant Gym are very charming and energetic. Back to work then!

I nearly brought the Canon but decided against it because it was so hot. Regretted it straight away but the Ricoh coped pretty well.

Please don't take my bottle

Sudo had to have a load of teeth out a while back because he will not let us clean them. And if he wouldn't let us before, the existentialism that would force a person to acquiesce has not hit him yet so it's probably only going to get worse.

He used to love playing with these bottles but went off it after his extractions. Now he's apparently back on it as if nothing happened. Dogs are smart.

This sofa is filthy because it's a dog bed now so don't start.