I miss street candids

The older Tabitha gets, the more I need to keep my eye on her when we're out. And, being honest, the more our time outside is occupied by general conversation. She's really great to talk to.

This, of course, means that I don't really walk around people-watching like I could when she was younger. Unless it's something huge happening right in my face, like this guy trying to take an ultra-low-angle portrait of his friend with an entire church steeple as the background. 10-out-of-10 for committing to the idea. It sorta looks like camera capoeira; peaceful and violent. I just wish I rolled a shallower depth of field by default. This would've benefitted from the background being less distracting.

In the unlikely event that this is you, please can I see the photo?

The school nativity pictures

I took some photos for the PTA at Tabitha's school to sell at the nativity. People have been so nice to me all week about them. I was stressed about messing it up but it actually went really well, and the photos are all super cute.


Ultra lazy weekend, as we have a few weeks of busy ones coming up. Maybe we were too lazy. I couldn't tell you what the weather was like yesterday.

Today we had a slow walk to the marina and I took some snaps. They've set up some bungee jump thing which is quite fun to watch.

I played some of the amazing(ly difficult) Lion King game whilst Charlotte and Tabitha watched the film. Gave up pretty quickly - that game is way too difficult.


Last week I was supposed to go and see Death Grips in London. I love Death Grips and I missed them a load of times. This time I got tickets and was super excited. Then I was a bit less excited. Then I couldn't really be bothered to go to London after work to get sweaty.

Fortunately, a better offer came up anyway, and I went go-karting with the folks from work. We had a great time doing an hour relay endurance at Teamsport in Lancing, and I'm glad I didn't go to Death Grips.

We came second overall and got medals and I haven't taken mine off and I won't you can't make me.

Charlotte took this photo. I'm finding that I like photos of myself a lot more since I shaved my head.

More People By The Sea

The sun brings lots of interesting people out.