Sunday Rock-pooling

Tabitha wanted to go rock-pooling; Charlotte wanted to make soft pretzels. Who am I to argue with either of them?

Incredibly hot day today. Perfect for someone with my complexion to be standing in direct sunlight for an hour!

This guy was just playing his wooden flute, as you do.

Can't be hanging out with us if you have that fear of stuff with holes in

Best to follow the seagulls - they know where all the interesting stuff is. Only saw dead crabs, fish and shrimps. I think they beat us to it all.

This guy was chipping off the groyne stones. In case you needed any more reasons not to climb on these things.

Birmingham 2019: Day 4

Final day mooching around Birmingham, and the obligatory shots of Grand Central, which I love. The change from the Pallasades is unreal. Had to try and get some nice shots with all this lovely mirrored panelling.

Before the drive home, we did the obligatory Finding of Some Sort of Animal Park, and ended up back at Cannon Hill Park for the nature reserve. It could've been the grey day, or the fact that we were right next to a busy road, but this was a very sad one. I took a lot of pictures, but most of the animals looked super sad or bored. Not into it. Two-toed sloths and baby monkeys, though!

The meerkats know when it's nearly feeding time!

I am very glad to be home. It's not really been a relaxing break from work!

Birmingham 2019: Day 1

I saw this little picnic area where you could park and walk by the river whilst I was on my way to ArcTanGent. Charlotte doesn't like rivers, but we went for a walk nonetheless. Should've brought my drone.

Charlotte took this photo of us looking at the river

Then we made the first use of our National Trust memberships since we got them and went to Croome Court, which is a very beautiful example of what extreme wealth can get you. At its largest, this apparently covered 15,000 acres, and it also boasts a 1.5km-long hand-dug river! It is a very pleasant walk unless, by all accounts, you were there when it was a Catholic school in the 1950s and 60s. We didn't go inside as we were short on time and Charlotte's already been. I'm not fussed on looking in people's houses.

And finally we went out to lunch at Ascott's in Bromsgrove with Charlotte's aunt and uncle, and spent the afternoon sitting in their garden and chatting. All very pleasant and civilised.

This was too much ice cream for a six-year-old. In spite of her protests.

Portrait landscapes

I love this serpentine wall. It's listed!

This disused toilet block is not listed.

And this river overflow comes out in flower when it's not being a river.

Not sure what this was going to be, but it's not going to be that any more.

Little ramble with the girls. I miss them like crazy whenever I'm away.

I watched this video and, whilst I wasn't a huge fan, he has a really nice little bit of advice about shooting landscapes - look for layers. So we went out for a walk this evening and I took the 70-200 to look for layers. Had a lot of fun, and quite pleased with the results. The charming light definitely helps!

I need a better way to display portrait images on landscape screens because I do not like this at all, and it's irritating me. This whole thing needs a redesign, really.

And some landscapes

The abbey looked nice today, with the wild flowers and apples in the foreground.

And this shiny little fellow let me get pretty close.


Finally went to Drusillas for the first time today. It was great but I think the rides are a bit young for Tabitha at this point. The animals are great, though. We love animals. I have a bit of an internal conflict about animals in captivity, as it feels wrong but I love to see them up close. Like it's OK to be a hypocrite if you're aware that you're being a hypocrite.

This reminded me of my favourite painting.