More People By The Sea

The sun brings lots of interesting people out.


Had a savage hangover this morning so dragged my stupid ass out of bed and took my camera for a walk into Brighton. Took a tonne of photos but they were mostly crap. Got a few I liked, though. Including this delightful little piece of football-related imagery.

Then went into town and picked up some new trainers I'd ordered. I wanted something a bit ridiculous and I think I nailed it.

Misty Seafront Walk

The sea mist has been pretty intense this last week. Makes things look very creepy, and gives a nice flat light for taking photos of people, so that's what I did.


Trying to make extra effort to take photos at the weekend but it's hard to be motivated when you're so out of practice. Looking at stuff I took a year ago is depressing because I like it so much more than this stuff.

I do enjoy taking photos of people in the street, though. Feels like ages since I've done that.

Walking Around Brighton Marina

We went for a walk around the marina, and I Iiked the light and weird fishing paraphernalia so I made a little video. Heavily edited to get it under a minute, but I think any longer than that and you really start to notice the lack of narrative.