Snow Light Trails

I got off the train and it was absolutely smashing down with snow. I think there's something weird with my eyes today because everything looks really clear and beautiful. On the way to the station, I could see individual drops of rain exploding as they hit the floor. It's been a long day.

Anyway I thought the way the light was hitting the falling snow would make cool light trails and I was sorta right. Also sorta wrong - looks a bit like someone scribbled all over the picture.

These are all handheld at 1/4s so don't be giving me any shit about camera shake it was bloody freezing

The Road Less Travelled

If I'd brought my bike, I'd have been doing exactly the same thing.

To Sit

This was initially intended to be a funny photo but the composition just wouldn't work. Where this guy is sitting is the brow of a mound that encircles Brighton nudist beach and provides a little bit of contradictory privacy. You frequently see people walking along the top of this hill, not realising what it's for because they haven't seen the signposts. People do seem to learn quite quickly, though.

Unfortunately, to get him and a signpost in the frame just wouldn't have worked so here we are with this wannabe-artsy affair instead. I guess it kinda works, but it isn't funny.

The Sea

I've never seen the sea this calm here. Perfect stone-skipping material. I haven't skipped stones in maybe two decades. Good day.

For some reason, this photo got thirty likes on Instagram. My photos rarely get that many likes (and yet I still post frequently!), and I'm not really sure why this one was able to climb to such lofty heights but it did.

Standing in the Shadow

Standing in the shadow of this thing made me feel very small.

There are two ways this photo could easily be better: 1. if I could be bothered to fix the panoramic distortion, and 2. if the shadow cast by the pod was in the road somewhere, but we had somewhere to be so I couldn't sit and wait for it.