Finally went to Drusillas for the first time today. It was great but I think the rides are a bit young for Tabitha at this point. The animals are great, though. We love animals. I have a bit of an internal conflict about animals in captivity, as it feels wrong but I love to see them up close. Like it's OK to be a hypocrite if you're aware that you're being a hypocrite.

This reminded me of my favourite painting.

Humans Being Bros

No idea where these duckings came from. I'm guessing the mother was trying to keep them from the seagulls but now it's time to get them to the pond.

These lovely people were helping the seagulls' lunch ducklings get to the pond without getting crushed by impatient motorists.


The longer I live with a cat, the more convinced I become that they're not meant to be pets. I think we're the pets. These guys have put up a sign of instructions on how to interact with this cat.

A friendly showoff came to visit

Look at this little poser!


I got a 2x teleconverter to use with my 70-200mm f2.8. Using zooms with this Canon has awakened something expensive in me and now I want big zooms for everything.

I have learned that even 400mm isn't enough for taking pictures of birds. Have I mentioned I like birds now? Birds are good.

I've read a criticism of this extender that it's basically unusable. Unacceptably soft focus, slow. It's obviously softer and slower than the 70-200 but then most things are. It's still perfectly usable, in my opinion. If I were printing billboards it'd be problematic but for this website, Instagram and small prints it's totally fine. Considering I don't have £6,000+ for a 400mm prime, I guess I'll make do with this unacceptable £260 shortcut.