I've decided to start trying to figure out a microservices approach that we can potentially adopt for larger applications at work. It's likely that it'll be riddled with bugs and weird problems as I improve my familiarity with node, Next, and GraphQL, but there shouldn't be any data loss so feel free to sign up or log in.

At the moment, the only thing there is the ability to catalogue your items in Animal Crossing. This is particularly useful if you want trade swaps with friends. Otherwise, right now, you're probably not going to be interested.

Known Issues:

  • If your login expires, logging back in doesn't work unless you refresh the page. There's some caching issue here - I don't know what it is but it's there! I will fix it
  • Logins will expire after 2 hours
  • Sometimes if you get an error, even if it's not authorisation, you will be logged out. I am working on improving this
  • There is no password reset, but there will be. Don't forget your password. It's 2020; use a manager.