I started this Twitter account to post music I'm listening to. Music should make you feel something and, since feeling happy is stupid, most of the music I listen to and post could be deemed upsetting.

If you want, you can listen or follow @upsettingsounds. And don't give me shit about my avatar - it took me three minutes to make that.

Faus - Cost Effective

Cult Leader - The Sorrower

Cult of Luna - Thirtyfour

Take me back to mid-2000s, and the golden age of post metal, please.

Wayste - Mourn

END - Live at Saint Vitus

Imagine going to a show and the opening act does this. Ridiculous.

Rough Hands - Moral Terror

Birds In Row - Remember Us Better Than We Are

Botch - To Our Friends in the Great White North

Bossk - The Reverie

A Perfect Circle - So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish