I started this Twitter account to post music I'm listening to. Music should make you feel something and, since feeling happy is stupid, most of the music I listen to and post could be deemed upsetting.

If you want, you can listen or follow @upsettingsounds. And don't give me shit about my avatar - it took me three minutes to make that.

Rationale - Somewhere to Belong

The Soft Moon - ILL

Haunts - No Glory, No Steam, No Fire

Vince Staples - BagBak

“Tell the 1% to suck a dick because we on now”

Watchcries - Severing Union

Brutality Will Prevail - Penitence

Alpha Male Tea Party - Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?

Chelsea Wolfe - Vex

Rx Bandits - Epoxi Lips

Secret and Whisper - Bedroom Galaxy

"Making friends is never logical"