Walking the Dog

In the TV show Dawson's Creek, walking the dog is a euphemism for masturbation. As such, I always feel nervous using the phrase - in case anyone else makes the same connection.

Third wander with the X-Pro1. I think I'm getting used to the parallax distortion between the lens and viewfinder. The good thing about a rangefinder is the focus point is 1:1, so if you're looking at it and it's in focus, it's in focus. On the X-Pro1, there's an AF parallax correction option (which I fully recommend using if you get this camera) which indicates where the AF actually focuses (and changes the image frame estimate in the OVF). This can be backed up by an AF distance meter for your peace of mind. Not ideal, but workable once you cotton on to what it's doing (there's no mention of this in the instructions).

Dan and I also took a gamble on Visual Supply Co's film presets for Aperture 3. I've not really had good experiences with presets in general, but I really like the way these make photos look. Very natural, and all based on Aperture's own preset engine so fits nicely into a workflow. I'm pleased with the results of this processing on JPEGs. Looking forward to Aperture updating for compatibility with the X-Pro1. In the mean time, I may have to capture some RAWs with the D700 to test drive these.

Waffle waffle.