[Review] Crumpler New Delhi 620


I say "review", but I've only had it a day so I can only comment on so much.

The main problem I have (other than an insatiable addiction to bags) is that I like to always have my camera on me. This is normally OK, but sometimes I need to take my laptop when I go out, but I don't want to leave my camera. Until recently, I've been using a Jansport messenger bag, but it doesn't provide a lot of support for my camera and lens (as I horrifyingly discovered) and there's no space for anything other than camera and lens.

I've always had great experience with Crumpler bags. They're very well-made, look good and are relatively subtle. They also seem to be the only bag company that can make a decent strap. At any one time, I could have around £4,000 worth of stuff in my bag—I need to know that I can trust my strap! I have a Tom Bihn Empire Builder that I've never really used because the strap felt far too flimsy to carry the bag. The key here is wideness, I feel.

One thing I dislike about Crumpler is the arbitrary sizing of their products. I'm sure that "620" refers to something, but it doesn't provide me anything very useful when choosing a bag that's going to fit all my kit in. They are also very generous with their prediction of what their range is able to hold. From the Crumpler EU site:

For 2 SLRs + 4 lenses. Fits 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”w laptops

Now, for some people this may be fine—2 small-body SLRs would certainly fit, but I'm having trouble seeing where the 4 lenses would go. This is what I'm fitting in it (without the actual kit - That's what I'm using to take the picture!)

3282218508 As you can see, they're not talking about lenses with hoods there. The 24-70's hood alone occupies all the space on the left!


I am very pleased that the bag fits my laptop and camera equipment at the same time. I bought a bag before that claimed to do this, and the battery grip made the camera too tall to get the laptop in as well! There is plenty of padding to protect the contents from each other.


Crumpler are very good at concealing pockets. The front pocket is ridiculous—it folds right out of the front of the bag and has enough space to fit my diary, pens, iPod, hard drive, headphones and more (I need to be able to stand under the weight of this thing when it's full!). It even closes easily when very full which is, well, mind-bottling [sic]!

As you can probably tell, I'm really pleased with this bag. Crumpler could be less generous when describing the potential contents of the bag, however the fact is that stuff could fit, but who has 4 50mm f/1.8s!? I'm sure that as my kit collection grows, I'll stay with Crumpler (maybe even the New Delhi if the 770 could fit an additional 14-24mm and a 70-200mm!) if only because they're well-made and look good!


I bought mine from Clifton Cameras, and highly recommend their service.