The Physical World

So much of what I do is digital that I drift towards physical media for many things. I have a record collection. I have too much LEGO for a man in his mid-30s (oh god I'm in my mid-30s). I write with a pen at every available opportunity.

I've always wanted a wax seal with our company logo on it. Do I write letters? No, I don't, but I would. Are penpals still a thing? But I love the idea of a wax seal, and I'm super happy that we finally have one.

Today, we spent a bit of time trying to find the perfect notebook. I think I've found the one I like most (certainly out of the ones I've tried). It's a Rhodia R A4 No. 18 and it's glorious. Very smooth paper that works superbly with a fountain pen and a rollerball without bleeding. Excited to try it out for reals now!

A Day in Amsterdam

I wanted to buy a Club Mate, but I'm being good. I love Club Mate

I never normally get to go to cool places for work because people always want to see Dan. That sounds like I'm bitter, but I'm not. I accepted my fate as a vault-dwelling mole-person when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in programming. But, as I progress through my career, I'm doing more planning, consulting and meeting, which means more travel.

I'm putting together a video of this trip because I want to make videos, but I don't know how to make videos. I have in my head that I'm going to make something like Mr Brainwash's first edit of his footage for Exit Through the Gift Shop (this is potentially a niche reference. Even Charlotte, who loved that movie and loves street art, didn't remember what I was talking about!) which puts me off making the sort of thing that I think is my style. That is a sort-of Werner Herzog/Peter Draws narrative over the footage I gathered for the subject. I don't know if that's the sort of thing people would want to watch, but we'll see when I've made it, I suppose.

Gavin Strange, the constant fountain of inspiration, reminds us to not overthink it, and just start making something. So, I guess that's what I should do. Who cares if it sucks; making stuff is fun, and you don't get good at making stuff without...making stuff.

EasyJet's Speedy Boarding is the biggest Budget Baller move you can make. The outlay-to-value ratio is off the goddamn charts.


One of my favourite things about a drone is that it's like having a remote-controlled mega zoom lens.

Tabitha is Six

Tabitha is six now. This was the first birthday that she really got excited about and boy did she get excited. She had her first birthday party at Montezuma's (would recommend, by the way) and she has been counting the days since November.

She wanted Fatto a Mano at lunch because they're the only people who come close to making pizza as well as her mum does. Not even blowing smoke; Charlotte makes the best pizza I've ever had, and I'd choose her pizza over any others, given the chance.