Changing of the Gardeners

I do like to watch the changing of the guards. It's all so unnecessary. I mean I'm sure it's very necessary but the occasion of it just makes me laugh a bit. The marching band, whatever it's called, has a bassoonist. Such a terrifying millitary presence.


I got a 2x teleconverter to use with my 70-200mm f2.8. Using zooms with this Canon has awakened something expensive in me and now I want big zooms for everything.

I have learned that even 400mm isn't enough for taking pictures of birds. Have I mentioned I like birds now? Birds are good.

I've read a criticism of this extender that it's basically unusable. Unacceptably soft focus, slow. It's obviously softer and slower than the 70-200 but then most things are. It's still perfectly usable, in my opinion. If I were printing billboards it'd be problematic but for this website, Instagram and small prints it's totally fine. Considering I don't have £6,000+ for a 400mm prime, I guess I'll make do with this unacceptable £260 shortcut.

Fibrex 61st Anniversary Show

Almost everywhere you look there's a sea of colour.

My aunt Helena has done an amazing job with the pelargoniums. They look so good.

Someone likes collecting discarded heads to make a bouquet.

This fellow seems to be everywhere. Always sleeping.

Tabitha likes the park. I used to come here all the time as a kid. Some of it's still as it was which is, in no way, worrying.

She's a better tree-climber than I ever was though.

This place makes my hay fever go crazy.

After the success of last year's show, they decided to put on another, so we went back home to visit and have another peep around the nursery. Was really happy to see such a good turnout again, and it's always nice to see almost all of my family on my mum's side in one place.

Charlotte spotted this little pelargonium that looks like a Pokéball.

Coca Cola Mixers

Don't get these - they're gross. They look like they're going to be nice but they're horrible. The cake is a lie.


Looking down into the super frames, where the bees store the honey.

One super frame.

A very full brood chamber!

They've extended the comb off a super frame in the brood chamber to take up the available space. Right in the centre is a destroyed queen cell.

Some capped brood.

Some old honeycomb for melting down into beeswax.

My mum does bee keeping and has a hive in her garden. She hadn't checked them for a while so I got to go and have a look. Apparently this is a really pleasant swarm. They certainly make a lovely sound, and didn't seem to get too pissed off at us dismantling their home and having a mooch about. They weren't even that fussed when mum destroyed one of their queen cells.

And yes I've already ordered myself one of these baller suits, don't worry!

Charlotte sneaking pictures of me looking like an extra on Chernobyl who shops at Super Dry.