I love controllers. And Smash Friday gives me chance to justify my obsession with accumulating them.

On my list: custom Xbox One controller, and PS4 Midnight Blue.

Sunset Overload

Been having some really good sunsets the last couple of weeks. I love a good sunset, even if that makes me basic.

Things that are overdue

Been meaning to cover my old tattoo for ages. Lots of reasons. That's almost done, barring a touch-up when it's all healed. I am very happy.

You know that feeling when you're so happy, and so full of love, that it almost feels like you're not really awake?

Yeah, I don't trust it either.

But it's Friday night and I'm watching nature documentaries under the covers with my favourite girl and I don't know what you could do to improve this moment.

Being a dad

You've got to make your own fun. Bonus points if you make a human then teach them to be fun.