Beijing - Night 2

This evening was pretty weird. We went out to meet a friend-of-a-friend who was DJing at some ridiculously swanky rooftop bar, but I couldn't find the place because you had to reach it via a private elevator that I couldn't find because I didn't know about it. The views from this place were amazing, though, so once I found the place we stayed for 35 seconds then left to find somewhere a little less swanky.

This is where we met Tiro and Sonny and ended up talking shit and listening to music until 3am and drinking too many shots, before getting a tuk-tuk back to the room and eating amazing noodles. But it took me ages to eat those noodles because I am terrible with chopsticks and I've just spotted there's a knife and fork in my room.

I like going out when it's evenings like this.

Beijing - Day 2

I've decided to post these as I go, then organise them a little when I leave.

Disappearing Coastline

Wish I'd had a drone for this. Someone buy me a drone, or be prepared to pretend you bought me a drone.


I haven't skated in maybe 15 years, and even then I could barely stand up on a skateboard. I got the idea in my head recently that I wanted to learn to do it. No tricks or anything; just to ride a skateboard. Tabitha also seems pretty interested in learning so if I can stand up on one then it might encourage her to stick it out a bit.

Charlie from work was kind enough to lend me this awesome pizza skateboard which has pizza trucks and pizza wheels and is basically me in skateboard form. I had a lot of fun riding this morning, and didn't hurt myself. Got pretty comfortable carving and kicking turns and riding over this sweet marijuana leaf at our local skatepark.

My new ride length record

I don't usually do super long rides because they take too long and if I've got that much time to cycle I'd rather be hanging with Tabitha whilst she's still interested in spending time with me!

That being said, Sven came to visit and we planned to do some longer rides. This one was actually pretty nice - it was so flat and fast, it meant that the distance was more psychological than physical (though my back and feet did start to hurt around kilometre 80)

When we arrived, I wanted to take a victory photo on this pier, but someone came and started fishing so I took a photo of him, too.