My New Keyboard

I bought the case and caps for this off taobao (one of my favourite websites and a compelling reason to learn Mandarin) and Charlie used his super-brain to make it into a functioning keyboard for me. What a good egg.


Started off the way I like to start every day, with a walk by the sea.

Then we went trampolining.

Then we had pizza and I ate it like I eat a Magnum. I did eat the crusts but I like to eat them last.

Then I made a milkshake out of my ice cream to annoy Charlotte.

Then we watched a guy tempering chocolate. There’s going to be a really satisfying looping video of this on my Instagram later. Maybe tomorrow. I dunno.

Then we went home on the front of the top of a double decker bus. And now we’re watching a seriously terrible film.

ArcTanGent 2017

Please enjoy some loops from ArcTanGent 2017

The Good Life

Went to collect Charlotte and Tabitha from visiting my mum on the way home from ArcTanGent (it was not on the way) and picked some vegetables from their allotment. Also swiped some honey from the hives in their garden, a cake and some cheese scones and a shower. I really needed a shower

Aerial Landscapes

Went for a ride to get a couple of shots out over Brighton. Had to go for ages to get far enough away from the road. I don’t love these but I suck at landscapes.