Mini-hike in the rain

Charlotte took this but I like it and it has me in it

Had an appointment at the hygienist this morning and felt uncharacteristically optimistic afterwards. I've been super busy at work this week and was looking forward to getting out and taking some pictures this weekend.

Then it started raining.

Then it didn't stop.

But I still really wanted to go out, so I dragged The Ladies and The Dog up over the Downs to explore and take some photos in the rain. It was a nice walk but we were pretty drenched and grumpy by the end of it.

Still, being selfish about it, I like these photos I got. And also smashed my newly-raised activity goal on my watch, so now I can, of course, slob about all afternoon watching TV and eating junk food. That's definitely how that works.


Flew my drone at a decommissioned airbase today. Was worried it'd be geofenced but it wasn't and there was no-one around so I had at it! Was a lot of fun. Landed on a real runway like a real pilot. That runway hasn't been used in decades but it's as close as I'm ever going to get so shut up and leave me alone.

I love how Will Smith is using YouTube. Could watch this guy's videos all day. And why not; I been watching The Fresh Prince my whole life and learning lessons.

Water Tower

Saw this water tower. Stands out a bit. Took a couple of photos. End.

I'm not saying school's trying to test that we're actually reading books with Tabitha, but there's a typo in the one we were reading today.

There's less than 200 words in this damn book and they can't even be bothered to proofread?!