Moscow, June 2019

I had the chance to visit Moscow for a few days. I've never been to Russia and my utter lack of knowledge of the language scared me a bit but it worked out pretty well. The people I was visiting were super helpful and friendly.

It also gave me a chance to try out a Ricoh GR II before buying the III. I'm not sure if I'm going to go for it now.

Nice touristy photos make better front covers than photos from the aeroplane, but don't worry I have those for you:

I was a little scared to photograph people in the street since I'm used to a zoom and only had 28mm. Plus I didn't want to get yelled at in Russian. Much scarier than English.

No drones in Red Square.

Seems starlings are the pest bird here. No terrifying seagulls.

We saw Tim Hecker which was amazing. This music is so good live.

And we had Russian APA.

I will be back. This place is huge and super interesting.


Tabitha did some super good cycling today. She's had a bit of a psychological block on hills lately. We live on a bit of a hill and she hasn't been able to crack it, so we went smashing hills today.

I'm borrowing a camera to take to Moscow and I needed to go and collect it, so we rode into town to get it, which involved a hill. My least favourite type of hill. A long hill. Not very steep; just long. She crushed it. Good.

We came back a different route that has my second least favourite (and also the only other) type of hill: a short, steep hill. She crushed that, too. Actually, she extra crushed this one because she lost her balance a bit and had to start on the hill, which sucks to do, but she made it the whole way.

We stopped and she had an ice cream before walking home She's too young to ride on the road and I hate cycling on pavements. When we got to our road, she was ready. It's significantly easier than the two hills she already did, but she'd built it up in her head so it meant more to her to beat this one than either of the others. A really good day for cycling.

Next weekend I'm taking her to the marina because there's a really unpleasant hill there I want her to try.

Urban Swan

This swan has made a nest down by the flats at the marina. Going to keep an eye on this because I love cygnets; they're so ugly.

My Russian visa came through so I'm definitely going to Moscow on Monday. I have most of the day Wednesday to explore. What should I do?

Batting Practice

Tabitha wanted to play cricket. She's always had a bit of an interest in ball games, but it's not really something we've nurtured. Between her interest in art, writing, gymnastics; there's not really a lot of time left for anything else.

For some reason or another, we've been playing more games like this recently, and the opportunity presented itself to join Allstars Cricket so she wanted to give it a shot. She's very enthusiastic, but the coaches seem to focus on people who have a more natural ability and just let anyone else flap about and have some fun. One can flap about and have fun anywhere, so I've been trying to sharpen Tabitha's skills.

We've been bowling, batting, throwing, and catching, and she's really improving. She's also focussing a lot better than she normally does. She's like me - if she's not good at something immediately, it starts a timer on how long she's prepared to do it. Fortunately, she has improved quite quickly. She can bowl nice and straight, and hit the ball pretty well if it comes at her in a reasonable manner. Catching needs some work, but I guess that'll just come naturally with practice. Plus, American TV shows have taught me that kids love nothing more than to stand in their gardens playing catch with their dads, so I guess we have that!

I think my favourite household chore is hanging the washing out. Every bit of it is super satisfying.