The last week or so I guess

I haven't been carrying a camera as much as I usually do, but my phone's camera is actually pretty decent. Even in less-than-ideal light. This sunset, however, was taken on a real camera.

I got a bit sad about how old my boy is getting. He still seems like a puppy in a lot of ways but he's definitely slowing down and running out of stamina.

Saw this cormorant drying itself.

Walked to work to try and clear my head. Didn't really work.

Did a magic trick with this leaf.

Tabitha decorated a pumpkin (Charlotte carved it - we're not evil)

I went to see The Proclaimers with my mum. I had heard exactly one of their songs before (yes, that one) and it's not really my sort of thing but I ended up having a pretty great time.

Ice skating is back! We got a season ticket because I love to skate and the last few times we've been I've been 100% supervising Tabitha and not really been able to participate properly, but I went on my lunch break and it was super quiet and I had a lot of fun. Going to try and go most days.

Caught bits of the veterans' rally. I love seeing these old cars on the road even though I know they're probably terrible for the environment. They smell so bad; I can't imagine what it would have been like walking the streets when it smelled like this everywhere. Was probably the least of people's worries, I suppose.

Got some more pins. I'm always getting more pins.

And damn it I'm playing Desert Golfing again for some reason. I lovehate this game so much.

Not saying that my daughter is the sweetest girl who ever lived, but this morning the dog was crying and woke her up so she got up and let him into her room so he wasn't on his own any more.

A fly flew into my eye I'm not crying shut up.


I think I'm almost done sulking. We walked into town to get some Poutine from Befries and I took some photos. Shock, right?

Sea was so nice and calm today. Love when it's like that.

Found the king of the bins.

Watched these waves crashing a bit. Something about it was very satisfying.

They were doing something with a digger on the beach. Didn't know what. Still don't know what.

Then, the poutine. Been looking forward to this all week, and intrigued by the concept since the Worth it episode, and it did not disappoint. I was a bit apprehensive about cheese curds but they're just like a chewy mozzarella with more flavour so I'm completely into it. We had 3 - regular, topped with kimchi, and topped with stuffing. I love stuffing.

It was super filling, and I don't think I need to eat ever again. Probably will though.

I'm having one of those days where everything seems pointless and I just want to quit and do nothing but sulk. Is that an option? Can I just abandon my life for a week to wallow and sulk? I feel like that should be allowed.


Went on another little hike. Ended up doing 12km and Tabitha smashed it!

Found part of the hamlet we were looking for.

And some nice skies over rolling hills.

And some birds.

And some interesting buildings.

And this tree.

And this eerie-looking cloud formation over an empty field.

And this couple who'd had a superglue accident and were on their way to get help.

I like doing these walks at the weekend. I've been slowly changing my habits to be more active overall; a change that has been massively encouraged by the Apple Watch. I don't think I'm losing any weight (I get all obsessive if I start to track that) but I do feel loads better.